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  1. DoomsinatorG

    Phantom's Trading Thread

    Caashing out http://steamcommunity.com/id/Doomsminator/
  2. This application has been declined due to the requirements not finished.
  3. With patients we mean by accepting them slowly
  4. Interesting, my get back on this app
  5. Due to not meeting the requirements of the task at hand, you will be declined until you do so.
  6. You need more then 5 post, yet you knew the conditions and you didn't do them?
  7. alright I'm gonna +1 for you charvee, your dedication in this app show alot of maturity.
  8. Yeah we are always accepting but with patients. Server 2# is pretty full with admins. Though server 1# still struggling. Would you be good being a regular on server 1#?
  9. Um are you sure you use the mic often?I never heard you once lol (no offence)
  10. So what you're applying is that they get temp banned, after the temp ban they can go proceed and go on our servers scamming more?
  11. As Charvee said, you would need 5+ posts to apply for admin. Please feel free to do so without spam.
  12. DoomsinatorG

    FloppyGelopy Admin. DECLINED

    The effort you took trying to apply for admin is very poor. The fact that a couple of people ask you to do and the fact that you finally gonna do it doesn't show responsibility. Im gonna deny this application definitely.
  13. Temp ban? Shouldn't scammers recieve perm ban?