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  1. ive seen you around, you do seem to talk alot which is nice and you seem to play moreso in the afternoon then at night which is also great since traffic is farely heavy at that time. However ive yet to hear you on a mic before.
  2. Ive seen you on the dodgeball server before, And we do need admins for the dodgeball servers so ill do a +1 for you. Also i can confirm age since ive heard you speak before. I think
  3. +1 For yak, Nice guy and uses his mic often, also able to control crowds
  4. Sane

    FloppyGelopy Admin. DECLINED

    Might help if you actually write a application
  5. +1 for patsta, always active and regualarly uses his mic
  6. I reckon light would make a very good admin, he has made quite a name for him on the server (in a good way) and I frequently see him using his mic, +1
  7. Ill put +1 for charvee, one of the better candicates out of the others
  8. Just a heads up, 5+ Posts are needed to apply for admin
  9. Sane

    Limit Scouts?

    Well the thing is not every hale is as skilled as we are, a unskillful hale with 10 scouts in a round takes forever to finsh
  10. Sane

    Limit Scouts?

    +1 I cant stress how frustrating it is when there is like 10 scouts plus if we had a limit on scouts the rounds would go faster
  11. Jesus, 5+ posts are needed to apply for admin
  12. Heres my idea, its pretty simple but nonetheless a idea, How bout we scrap the whole trade server idea and change the server into a Slender Fortress or Prophunt server or any other gametype , It would add more diversity into phantom gamers and actually make people wanna go on that server instead of having it empty 24/7
  13. Sane

    R.I.P Paul Walker - Fast and Furious.

    WTF now what!!!! NOOOO BRIAN, man whos gonna be lead now, I loved him in Fast and furious more then dom