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  1. RevoL

    [Closed] Be in the Chance to win pay day 2

    In Game Name: reki Steam id: STEAM_0:1:41766470
  2. RevoL

    Dem Bans

    I have no idea what i did lmao
  3. RevoL

    Dem Bans

    Ok, for some reason i got banned for "assisting admin abuse" but i don't have admin powers wut.
  4. RevoL

    Admin Applications. OLD

    We all see it coming
  5. RevoL

    Things we need to talk about

    Well, these "BonkBoyz" guys just stalled the server... Now everyones disconnecting and there are NO admins on. Corgi does not go on anymore, Anon is on Vacay, Redsnow Offline, Killer not responding and Fypo going on sometimes. Its incredibly hard to actually find an admin to do something about this.
  6. RevoL

    Disabling Rage

    Oh god not this topic, imo i think rage should have a LITTLE less range and also less time on the person/persons effected
  7. RevoL


    We all know rule book is best book
  8. RevoL

    Juke Box Info/Help

    I think the jukebox is quite nice except for the people who can't use it properly and ask for others to shut up
  9. Whats on my mind is actually inside my mind.

  10. RevoL

    Admin Applications. OLD

    Job: TF2 Admin Age: 14 Maturity: 6-8 Around there. Something About me: Tf2 is second fps i have played, First being combat arms. Ew. I like anime, Turtles, Rabbits, Bunnies and Magicarp. What i know how to do: Well I'm pretty useless in fact. Im just good at keeping people in line and sensible. Additional Info: I do like Sword art Online. Previous alias: RainbowRays just in case you do know me.