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  1. thank you so much guys! so niceeeeeeeeeee
  2. +1 for Yaku, lovely guy, always on the servers and uses his mic alot :~)
  3. Oh my god! Thank you so much Dooms, will do! :~)
  4. Thanks everyone xD haha, oh and by the way Pat I got a mic, I'm going to start using it more, talk with me sometime
  5. +1 for Charvee, best personality, perfect candidate for admin/moderator
  6. Miss Britt «

    favorite song right now?

    walk of shame - P!NK check it out boys
  7. +1 PATSTABRA FOR ADMIN, lovely person, yes he does constantly use mic xD but yeah, great person for admin :~)
  8. +1 light for admin, very nice and friendly player, and such a great personality :~)
  9. Yeah hahah I thought so!
  10. I'm pretty sure anyone is allowed to Midnight Reign. :~)
  11. haha, thank you Dooms! I'll see what I can do about the mic :~)
  12. Hahah thank you guys! :~)