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  1. Killer_Awesome_Phantom

    We are closing all our server

    Unfortunately we will be closing down all our servers at the start of next month. I have decided to close down the server down because of the lack of players on them and i all so think its time of me to move on to something new like watching more porn. The website and discord will stay up after the server close down as i all so use them for other things. I would all so like to thank all our head admins, admin and mods over the years, Phantom-Gamers could not have been what it was with out all their abuse over the years and thanks to all the players that played on our servers over the years it has been great fun. Raping you.
  2. Killer_Awesome_Phantom

    Minecraft Admin Rules and Guidelines

    Admin rules and Guidelines Admin Introduction, Congratulations on, inspiring to be a admin/being an admin! These are the rules, and how to use the commands needed. Keep in mind, if you're a moderator, you can only kick, ban, mute ect. Doing the right thing will assist you in being promoted. IMPORTANT: Your job as admin/mod is to enforce the rules we have set in the community. But enforce these rules within our guidelines, which are shown below. Please note, the people's SteamIDs listed below, are the people who are immune to these rules. If you're told to do something by one of these people, you do so. 1.0 How to use the commands needed. 1.1 Kicking and Banning 1.2 Core Protect 2.0 Rules to Enforce 3.0 Admin Rules 4.0 - Admin Infractions 5.0 Other _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1.0 These are some very basic commands, these will be all the commands you will mostly need to know as admin. The listed commands below are to be typed into chat by (i.e /tp killer_Awesome_Phantom). /tp [Name] - Teleports you to that player. /mail [name] [message] - send a player a message even if there off line. (Works across servers) /gm [0-3] - Changes your gamemode /pv - Makes you invisible and makes its look like you left the server and are off line. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1.1 KIcking and Banning Kicking - When kicking players you must give a reason for the kick Banning - When banning player you must give a descriptive reason for the ban because when the player disputes the ban 6 months later no one knows why they were banned when the reason says "because" [NEEDED] <OPTIONAL> | = or -s = Silent punishemnt (no notification to others) /kick [PLAYER] <-s> <REASON | @LAYOUT> Kick a player /ban /mute /warn [PLAYER] <-s> <REASON | @LAYOUT> Ban/Mute/Warn a player /banip [PLAYER/IP] <-s> <REASON | @LAYOUT> Ban a player's IP. If you enter a name it will use the cached IP /tempban /tempmute /tempwarn [PLAYER] [Xmo|Xd|Xh|Xm|Xs|#TIMELAYOUT] <-s><REASON | @LAYOUT> Tempban/mute/warn a player for a given time or with a time-layout for automatic-time-calcualtion /tempipban [PLAYER/IP] [Xmo|Xd|Xh|Xm|Xs|#TIMELAYOUT] <-s> <REASON | @LAYOUT> Temippban a player for a given time or with a time-layout for automatic-time-calcualtion Alias: /tipban/change-reason [ID] [New reason] Change the reason for a punishment by id /change-reason [ban/mute] [PLAYER] [New reason] Change the reason for a players punishment /unban /unmute [PLAYER] Unban/mute a player /unwarn [ID] Delete a warn /unpunish [ID] Delete a punishment /warns <PLAYER> See your own or a player's warnings. /check [PLAYER] Get player-status: UUID/IP/Country/Ban-Status/Mute-Status/Warn-Count /banlist <PAGE> See all currently active punishments /history [PLAYER] <PAGE> See all currently active punishmen _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1.2 Core Protect Quick Command Overview: /co help - Display a list of commands /co inspect - Toggle the inspector /co rollback <params> - Rollback block data /co restore <params> - Restore block data /co lookup <params> - Advanced block data lookup Shortcut Commands: /co near Performs a lookup with a radius of 5 /co undo Revert a rollback/restore via the opposite action /co inspect Enable the inspector. Type the command again to disable it. You can also use just "/co i". /co rollback u:<user> t:<time> r:<radius> a:<action> b:<blocks> e:<exclude> Nearly all of the parameters are optional. Shortcut: "/co rb". u:<user> - Specify a user to rollback. Example: u:Notch t:<time> - Specify the amount of time to rollback You can specify weeks,days,hours,minutes, and seconds. Example: t:2w,5d,7h,2m,10s You can pick and choose time amounts. Example: t:5d2h You can also use decimals Example: t:2.50h (2 and a half hours) r:<radius> - Specify a radius. You can use this to only rollback blocks near you. You can specify a number (e.g. r:5), a world (e.g. r:#world_the_end), a global rollback (r:#global), or a WorldEdit selection (r:#worldedit or r:#we) For example, the following would only rollback damage within 10 blocks of where you are standing: r:10 a:<action> - Restrict the lookup to a certain action For example, if you wanted to only rollback blocks placed, you would use a:+block Here's a list of all the actions: a:block (blocks placed/broken) a:+block (blocks placed) a:-block (blocks broken) a:click (player interactions) a:container (items taken from or put in chests, etc.) a:+container (items put in chests, etc.) a:-container (items taken from chests, etc.) a:kill (mobs/animals killed) a:chat (messages sent in chat) a:command (commands used) a:session (player logins/logouts) a:+session (player logins) a:-session (player logouts) a:username (username changes b:<blocks> - Restrict the rollback to certain block types. For example, if you wanted to only rollback stone, you would use b:1 You can specify multiple items, such as b:1,5,7 You can find a list of block type IDs at http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Data_values e:<exclude> - Exclude certain block types from the rollback. For example, if you don't want TNT to come back during a rollback, you would type e:46 #<hashtag> - Add a hashtag to the end of your command to perform additional actions. For example, to perform a rollback preview, you would use #preview Here's a list of available hashtags: #preview (Preview a rollback/restore) #count (Return the number of rows found in a lookup query) #verbose (Display additional information during a rollback/restore) #silent (Display minimal information during a rollback/restore) /co restore u:<user> t:<time> r:<radius> a:<action> b:<blocks> e:<exclude> Same parameters as /rollback. Shortcut: "/co rs". Restoring can be used to undo rollbacks. /co lookup u:<user> t:<time> r:<radius> a:<action> b:<blocks> e:<exclude> Search through block data using the same parameters as /co rollback. Shortcut: "/co l". If multiple pages are returned, use the command "/co lookup <page>" to switch pages. To change the number of lines displayed on a page, use the command "/co lookup <page>:<lines>". For example, "/co l 1:10" will return 10 lines of data, starting at the first page. example Rollback Commands: >>By default, if no radius is specified, a radius of 10 will be applied, restricting the rollback to within 10 blocks of you. Use "r:#global" to do a global rollback. Rollback Notch 1 hour (with default radius of 10): /co rollback u:Notch t:1h PREVIEW rolling back Notch 1 hour (with default radius of 10): /co rollback u:Notch t:1h #preview Rollback Notch 23 hours and 17 minutes (with default radius of 10): /co rollback u:Notch t:23h17m Rollback ONLY stone placed/broken by Notch within the last hour (with default radius of 10): /co rollback u:Notch t:1h b:1 Rollback ONLY stone BROKEN by Notch within the last hour (with default radius of 10): /co rollback u:Notch t:1h b:1 a:-block Rollback EVERYTHING Notch did in the last hour EXCEPT for stone he placed/broken: /co rollback u:Notch t:1h r:#global e:1 Rollback griefing Notch did in the last hour that is within 20 blocks of you: /co rollback u:Notch t:1h r:20 Rollback griefing Notch did in the last hour ONLY in the Nether: /co rollback u:Notch t:1h r:#nether Rollback everything done in the last 15 minutes by anyone within 30 blocks of you: /co rollback t:15m r:30 Rollback everything done in the last 15 minutes in a WorldEdit selection: /co rollback t:15m r:#worldedit _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2.0 Rules to Enforce The general rules you should be looking to Enforce for all server are as follows. Spamming - 1st (1 hour mute) 2nd (24 hour mute) 3rd (permanent ban) Hacking/Aimbotting - 1st (30 ban) 2nd (perm Ban) Exploiting Bug - 1st (30 ban) 2nd (perm Ban) Any form of bugs/commands that give players an unfair advantage (i.e going under map) slay them and if they continue ban them for one day. Griefing- 1st (30 ban) 2nd (perm Ban) Any form of destroying others people builds Asking for admin or items - 1st (1 hour mute) 2nd (24 hour mute) 3rd (permanent ban) Admin Disrespect - 1st (1 hour mute) 2nd (24 hour mute) 3rd (permanent ban) Expect to get a lot of shit from players, it's what the life of an admin is. If it serious abuse, you can mute them and ban them if it continues. Disrespectful or Abuse - 1st (1 hour mute) 2nd (24 hour mute) 3rd (2 Days) While we don't mind a little trolling but we don't tolerate players being abusive or racist, this results in a mute. If they continue to after being muted, feel free to kick them. If they continue after that, feel free to ban them for 2 day. Advertising - 1st (Warning in chat) 2nd (24 hour mute) 3rd (permanent ban) If some one is Advertising of other servers on our server. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3.0 Admin Rules The rules you should be looking to follow as an admin. Spawn item for player - You my only give items to players if the lost and item to a bug. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4.0 - Admin Infractions If you break the rules of being an admin this is what will happen Minor Infractions - you will receive a warning if you continue after the warning or continue to cause problem you will be demote either completely or by one rank Major Infractions - If you for example giving items multiple time your rank will be removed completely. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5.0 Other If you have any question feel free to contact killer_Awesome_phantom. Missing Info - If you feel Like some thing is missing please make a post below or contact killer_Awesome_Phantom Contacting killer - When you send me a message on steam i may take a up to 24-hours to respond if i don't respond with in a day please resend the message as i might have lost it when i restarted my computer or some thing.
  3. Current Games And Jobs Availability: Minecraft Admin (2 Positions available) Minecraft Mod (2 Positions available) Requirements: You must be at least 15 years of age. Please make sure you have filled out the steam field on your profile page with your steam id. It is also suggest that you have at least 80 hours worth of time playing on each of our servers logged. Application template: (PLEASE DO NOT MAKE YOUR ANSWERS SHORT) Game / Job: Admin Your age?: over 9000 Ingame name and: MrAwesomePhantom What time do you normally play?: 6-8 pm Why should you be an admin?: Why the fuck not. Have you been banned from a minecraft server before: Yes all other minecraft server that why i mad my own Do you know the commands for admin?: Fuck no Have You been an admin on another server before?: Yes Have you read and fully understood the admin and player rules(coming soon)?: absolutely not If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove your rank and allow some one else your take your spot?: No i'm greedy Additional info: I'm really to awesome and sould be admin you should make me owner Additional Info: If you have a question about admin contact killer_Awesome_Phantom via pm on the forums or on steam (Link) It is suggest you write your answer a line under the Question rather then next to it and put the answer in a different color text. I highly suggest you follow the topic with the "follow this topic" left of the topic title. That way you get an email when some one replies. Create a new topic for your post don't reply to this topic. Submitting multiple application on purpose will get both your applications declined.
  4. Killer_Awesome_Phantom

    !unusual Plugin Bug/Removal Request

    I might look into starblasters suggestion tomorrow.
  5. Killer_Awesome_Phantom

    Dodgeball Server Is Now Officially back

    The Dodgeball server is now officially open. Their are still a few thing that need fixing but their only small thing and should be fixed in the next few days. if you find any other bugs please post them in this thread
  6. Killer_Awesome_Phantom

    Dodgeball Server WIP

    I working on the dodgeball server you can join if you want but it might restart with out warning and their might be a few bugs the info to join is bellow and if you find any thing thats not working properly or missing and its not on the list bellow let me know by making a post bellow. The ETA for when the server will be officially open is friend day. Server info IP: Password: beta Thing That Need Fixing: database connections (sourcebans (Working), jukebox (Not Working Yet), unusuals (Working), store (Working)) rules (Fixed) pinion (Fixed) rocket speed announcer (not working) game type tag server browser (Fixed) chat tags (Fixed) rocket RDS (Fixed i think)
  7. Killer_Awesome_Phantom

    What games have you guys been playing?

    What games have you guys been playing?
  8. Killer_Awesome_Phantom

    2017 List Of Things To Fix And Change

    @Matty fine i will remove my favorite map
  9. Killer_Awesome_Phantom

    2017 List Of Things To Fix And Change

    store has been fixed again as for mantreads i checked the config and it seem to be set correct if its not working properly tomorrow let me know and i will look into it further
  10. Killer_Awesome_Phantom

    2017 List Of Things To Fix And Change

    @Starblaster64 Thanks for letting me know just updated the server.
  11. Killer_Awesome_Phantom

    New Saxton Hale Maps

    I have just add a whole heap of new maps let me know if there are any you really don't like and i will remove them from the rotation. List of new maps:
  12. Killer_Awesome_Phantom

    Pissed off people

    Look as much as i'm enjoying reading this thread this is whats going to happen jack you are going cut back on the "abuse" and if you continue to abuse then you will be demoted and lucifer if you have a problem with an admin abusing in the future come speak to me or Bronte don't just slay him as that just escalates the problem and them it turns into a thread and its a bad look for Phantom-Gamers and its Staff.
  13. Killer_Awesome_Phantom

    Unban uncharted from saxtonhale

    I going to speak to you about that some time this week when i get some spare time and i want to get a few thing organised first
  14. Killer_Awesome_Phantom

    Accepted Moookey Head Admin Application

    Moookey! i have decided to declined your head admin application but i still want to acknowledge all the work you have done for the server so i'm going to make you a senior admin. I will update your status tomorrow
  15. Bronte i have decided to accept you as head admin i will update you status tomorrow after work