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  1. ScarletFlames

    Space/Even Telling Me I Got Hacked?

    But your still using steam card links (witch are bullshit) instead of just getting money and buying credit. -sigh-
  2. ScarletFlames

    Space/Even Telling Me I Got Hacked?

    Theres Your mistake.
  3. ScarletFlames

    Quiting TF2

  4. ScarletFlames

    Quiting TF2

    Far out this is pathetic; "someone was rude to my fake clan on one server of a video game, that's on the internet. QUITTING GAME FOR MONTHS NOW >:C" Mate, go back to COD and grow up, people are going to make shit of you on the internet, especially something like a clan not to mention, they were probably joking around. Plus its quit literally the nature of phantom players to poke fun at each other, When you grow up and learn to take a joke feel free to come back. Until then i hope you actually quit and go experience the real world, expect way more "disrespectful idiots" there. Ima Sherk yo' anus bby (insert lenny face) -Avix/Serkit 2014
  5. Im not going to +1 or -1, but i dont think someone who had to start a thread asking how to apply for admin should get admin, and i personally haven't seen enough commitment to the server out of this player to recommend for a staff position. Sorry death, but if i see more out of you ill edit this to a plus one in no time C: Dont hate me for my opinion D:
  6. Good job editing your post to a negative one after you got outed about your age, And you couldn't even come up with a better reason then that as an excuse, even though the reason i applied was to stop abuse? Please, everyone knows i wouldn't. Your a Pathetic, Desperate little kid that abuses your mod power (which you shouldn't even still have according to many). Id feel sympathy for you if your weren't such an abusing dick that finds it fun to ruin others fun with rapid fire crit spam, re-sizing and un-necessary muting/gagging. Also nice grammar. Maybe you should grow up mentally and learn to not hold a grudge on everyone for making a joke out of YOUR lie, other wise your not going to get any respect from anyone. Try to grow up and be at least half the man your mother is.
  7. Oops double-post, deleted it x3
  8. -100. Lied about age then removed my post about it. YOU CANNOT SURPRESS ME.
  9. Whaaaaaaat is this thread meant to be? .-.
  10. ScarletFlames

    TF2 vsh admin application

    A bit nooby in the admin area but i think he would make a good mod to vsh, always friendly and willing to help other players. +1 from me
  11. ScarletFlames

    Pancake's Admin/Mod Application

    +1 because loli power, But seriously is a genuiely caring and nice person that would be a all round improvement to the server.
  12. +1 But age 19? thats a pure lie. ive seen pictures of you and there is no way on earth your that old. The way you act on the server supportsd that your not 19 too.
  13. 1. Game: Team fortress 2 Saxton Hale 2. Steam name + Steam URL: My steam name changes between Mrs. Scarlight, Jinx or Scarlet My url is http://steamcommunity.com/id/MissesPanda/ 3. Your age? : 18 4. Why should you be admin? : I believe this server could use another admin to help keep it in check, ive joined constantly only to find some admin or mod out of control with power or to find someone breaking the rules, ruining the experience for everyone else and its horrible to watch without being able to help what so ever. I have plenty of experience of being an admin: 2ish years being a admin on a very popular terraria server, a year or so on an old tf2 deathrun and minigame server along with a couple months on a minecraft server. I also know most regular players on the server and im willing to help them along with new comers who may not understand the game mode very well or at all. 5. Define becoming an admin : Becoming an admin does give you more power over other players, but your still a player and not some sort of god amost men. The power you get is to only to help and keep the server a clean and happy place for everyone to enjoy. Becoming an admin is too be committed, qualified and most importantly; calm and able to listen to both sides of a story, without being byist or rude to either party, sloving problems and all round helping and being a nice person C: 6. Do you have a mic if so do you use it a lot? : I dont currently (ran the cord over with my chair and ripped it) but im currently saving up for some new astros, and i cant wait as talking is much easier then chat. 7. Do you know the commands of admin (e.g sm_kick)? Yes, i know plently of the commands that exist. 8. What is your policy with scammers? : Policy? please. If your scam someone your litteral scum, you dont deserve a policy. id probably try to get the item back but otherwise the scammer is banned, and id contact steam support on behalf of the player to try and get their item back. 9. Additional info: I cant think of much to put here, if there is anything you would like to know just feel free to ask me!