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  1. Nightmare :D


    Wow xd
  2. Nightmare :D


    Bout time I did this. Good Luck with the servers killer
  3. Nightmare :D


    Ey bytes fucking awesome lad.
  4. How many times have you been declined xd
  5. Nightmare :D

    a message for this particular admin

    When you realise a noose is a kind of knot
  6. Nightmare :D

    a message for this particular admin

    I will make you learn to tie a knot so you can kill yourself.
  7. Nightmare :D

    Syn says hi

    Matty in a nutshell max, in a nutshell.
  8. more like me. nightmare: give TRAIL
  9. First server I clicked was phantom-gamers, played it ever since.
  10. Nightmare :D

    Am I bully to Window Maker 666?

    His name is actually Widow Maker 666 not window.
  11. Nightmare :D

    Hey I am Max

    I don't even go outside
  12. Nightmare :D

    ATLauncher Resonant Rise 3 Minecraft server Whitelist

    The hell?
  13. I think it's too soon kit kit xd.