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  1. +1 always uses mic and is a cool guy
  2. +1 I would be happy to have you as admin, I know you won't abuse
  3. Do you think this is a good idea or not? I think that this could work as I am a big fan of Dodgeball
  4. Jimpix

    My Youtube Channel!?!?!?

    Hey guys, I have started my own youtube channel, yay? it is only on TF2 ATM but why don't you guys check it out? my account is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZy-5NIwO4R6hVM7CEAllpA Hope to c u there!
  5. Jimpix

    Favourite Songs :3

    Fav songs are Shots by LMFAO Bad by David Guetta
  6. Game: Team Fortress 2 Server: Dodgeball Steam: My Steam Name is Jimpix. My Url is http://steamcommunity.com/id/jimpixtf2 and my ID is STEAM_0:0:43233183 Age: i am currently 13 (but have been admin and senior admin on 2 sax ton hale servers and MC servers so I have experience) Why i would like to be admin: I would love to contribute to this server as I play VERY frequently so I can normally see most people that are not following the rules and I would like to make it a fun and friendly place! I would also like to bring justice to the stealers, mic spammers and the very occasional hackers or glitch abusers. Define *Admin*: I think an admin keeps the server in order, is friendly and makes the game fun! I also don't believe in abuse as it just makes everyone's day bad! I think an admin also needs to be fair with their punishment and shouldn't favour one person's opinions. They should also give reasonable punishments and should also do things fairly like voting Do you have a microphone?: yes i do but I don't use it very often c: (but I can because I don't have a high voice even though I'm 13 ) Do you know the admin commands?: Yes i do know most them, I have been Admin and Senior Admin on 2 TF2 servers, but they may have been updated since. What would you do to certain types of rulebreakers?: For stealers, i would slay them if they steal more that 4 rockets in a round, then the next time i would kick them, then ban them for 5 minutes then 10 minutes and so on. For Hackers, I would just ban them because they destroy the fun in the server, and for Mic Spammers, I wold simply mute them, if they rejoin then I would kick them, then ban them for 5 minutes and then 10 minutes and so on. I would give them a warning first of course, this apples to all of the types of rule breakers above! About me: ‚ÄčI play a lot of TF2 and I also make youtube videos on TF2 (including this server for dodgeball c:) I have been senior admin on 1 saxton hale server, admin on another one, senior admin on am Minecraft server, Mod on a Minecraft server and I have Owned a Minecraft server that i couldn't afford so I removed it ;c (I don't play minecraft anymore so stop being mean ;c) i have been playing TF2 for 2 ( 3 in about 20ish days) years now so I am very familiar with the game I also have 1700 hours+ and counting. I live in South Australia in the Adelaide hills (In Adelaide) and if I'm not on, I'm either at school or doing homework ;c I also do not know a lot about coding and all that fancy shenanigans! So here is my Admin Application, if you want to know more about me, just add me. My steam link is above Thanks!