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  1. Doesn't matter how he wrote it, just what he said
  2. Game: team fortress 2 Steam name:kuroyukihime Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:55782974 Age: 22 For: admin Why do I think I deserve admin?: I think I deserve admin from the amount of effort I have put in to help the community. I am active on both dodgeball and hale. I also think it would be a good start for me starting to act responcibally and have more self control than I currently have. I also think i would be a good leader as I won't abuse the commands... Well atleast not too much... I am also apparently funny. What do I think it means to be an admin?: To me I think being an admin is all about helping out the community and doing what's right. Also making people have fun and be happy at the same time. Also it's about making sure people don't break the regulations of phantom Do I have a mic and do I use it?: I don't have a mic unfortunately but I find it still quite easy to communicate with just text. What would it mean to me if I did get admin?: It would mean quite a lot to me as I am currently mod and want to take up the responcibilaty of having the courage to maintain a server with the fellow staff members that may be there. Do I know the commands (sm_kick)?: I know most of the commands that can be used for admin purposes and I also know that abusing these commands will lead into a possible demotion. What do I think of scammers?: I personally haven't been scammed since I'm not a big trader but I have heard its a very bad thing. If someone did get scammed on the server I would ask the scammer to return all the stuff immediately . If they fail do do so in 1 minute or try to leave I would report them to valve and hopefully stop them from their corrupt ways. Extra info: I am currently a mod for phantom. And I'm also a panda :> also I wasn't sure if this was the right format for the application and if I missed anything please inform me. Thanks Thanks for taking your time on readin this application :3 hope you have a nice day.
  3. This is from a friend named nikey... "+1 number one 2013-2014
  4. I for one did not see this demotion happen but I have a good idea about it. Light's point is true, there isn't enough staff for phantom. Though light may abuse his powers, mostly it's just because of the rules. People get frustrated having to stick by every single rule. Especially admins/mods. When light was a admin, most of the people where happy. And also, what's the point of having such strict rules no one can do anything. I still continue to obey most of these rules *wink wink nug nug* but it's hard for me having to do it. I don't want to be that person that mutes, slays, kicks and all that stuff. For me that would be upsetting and I think for most other staff members. So please take in considerate of what all the staff has done.