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  1. Causality

    Fixed Beeps for Re-direct's on dodgeball?

    i thought this was a thing already?
  2. minimal effort put into application, put more effort in if you want a rank -1
  3. Causality

    Disrespectful Nonsense needs to Stop

    The people who use swear words in the ham box are a minority of the player base, although i think there should be something in the rules about disrespecting other players in the shout box. swearing is ok, but using it specifically to put down other people is not.
  4. first person in a while to fit all the requirements, as well as this unless he was demoted for abusing his powers, i don't see why he shouldn't have is rank returned to him Edit: My bad i didn't read the app first.... he was demoted for misuse of his power
  5. prove you are patient by waiting a little while before putting up another app... PS: you are coming off as power hungry and impatient
  6. All of the people giving +1 this app have >2 posts I find that a tiny bit suspicious... But that's just me PS tyrese on the subject of post counts, yours is only 3 Did you read the requirements? EDIT: 2 of the accounts literally joined posted and haven't been online since.
  7. Causality

    Hale #1 Swapover!

    look at the date before you post m9 this was last year, hale isnt being swapped over lol
  8. Causality

    Countdown for Evolve! :D

    i participated in the closed beta, my specs arent good enough - i was getting about 10fps
  9. Causality

    What changes would you like to see

    one thing i have noticed is that their seems to be a lack of professionalism when it comes to admins/mods this is also sort of the same on the forums where, until recently most of the shit was out of date.. The one time i saw an admin come on the vsh server, he re-spawned himself a few times and kept on refilling his own health after rocket jumping. I feel that this isnt /shouldnt be the intended use of admin powers. when i confronted him about this, he laughed it off. i think there needs to be something done about this, admins are meant to use their powers to help the server, not for their own fun.
  10. Causality

    What should we change the fortwars server to?

    im happy with either, i havent seen a ff2x10 server before though, might be nice to have something different from most other communities
  11. Causality

    Advertising and RAWR

    from what i have read, RAWR is defunct and now disbanded...
  12. Causality

    Phantom Gamers Logo

    tbh the resolution is off, logo is pixelated. it doesnt look as profesional as the logo we have currently, good work though. nice of you to put in the effort
  13. it would be preferable if you did answer that, after all it isnt easy to get a vac ban. [neutral] until i see you in game and make up my mind good luck with your app
  14. Causality


    +1 i think it would be very beneficial if its possible