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  1. Starblaster64

    !unusual Plugin Bug/Removal Request

    As an alternative, you may want to take a look at this plugin: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1996233 It does Unusual players as opposed to items.
  2. Starblaster64

    2017 List Of Things To Fix And Change

    @Killer_Awesome_Phantom I've just released another sub-update to VSH 1.55: https://github.com/Starblaster64/Versus-Saxton-Hale/releases/tag/1.55h Do make sure you update the translations folder as I've made some changes to it again.
  3. Starblaster64

    2017 List Of Things To Fix And Change

    Mantreads shouldn't be able to goomba stomp and regular stomp at the same by default. Please check the saxtonhale.cfg to see if the CVAR for it has been changed. Or don't, if you'd like it to do both.
  4. Starblaster64

    2017 List Of Things To Fix And Change

    Also, I modified vsh_improvements (the Hale damage tracker plugin) slightly so it automatically enables itself when a player joins, and also doesn't show up on the HUD unless the current round is a VSH round. I've attached the compiled plugin and sourcecode to this post if you want to use it. vsh_improvements.zip
  5. Starblaster64

    2017 List Of Things To Fix And Change

    How will the ability to Smite people assist you in moderating the server? If anything I'd say it would just make people take you less seriously. Just my 2c, maybe you have a creative way of using it. On topic, I made another 2 unofficial updates for VSH, you can get the latest version (1.55g) here: https://github.com/Starblaster64/Versus-Saxton-Hale/releases/tag/1.55g Remember to update your translations file if you decide to use it. Also if you haven't enabled the Eureka Effect already in saxtonhale.cfg, I would suggest enabling it and trialing the change I made for it in this latest update.
  6. Starblaster64

    2017 List Of Things To Fix And Change

    This is about the forums, not the server. Currently you have 2 Admin application templates pinned on the forums. One is located in the Jobs and Admins Applications forum, the other is within the Archived Declined Jobs and Admins Applications sub-forum. I would assume from deductive reasoning that the more up to date one is the correct template. Even though this is a relatively minor issue, I'd suggest unpinning and/or labelling the older template as outdated to prevent any potential confusion.
  7. Starblaster64


    Do you have any suggestions? My vote is for Bytesmee, he has the experience and the responsibility for it methinks.
  8. Starblaster64

    New Hale Maps?

    Thus is the necessity of forced variation. Also, by nubula, do you mean nebula? Because that map isn't too bright at all. I can't imagine how anyone could complain about the lighting of that map.
  9. Starblaster64

    New Hale Maps?

    Yammoe is a pretty sweet map, if you don't mind small-medium sized maps. The thing is, what is "great" and what is not is extremely subjective. There will always be someone who complains about any given map (e.g. I myself find Military very annoying because Soldiers are nigh invincible with all the 100% health packs to jump to). Although yes, I will agree there are some maps of questionable quality on the PG VSH server. (At least there were the last time I played) You can't just say "forcing them to play on these maps will likely cause blah", unless you've done some proper analysis of people's opinions on certain maps. Otherwise you're making that statement solely based on your own opinion. In addition, if the "same cycle of maps" doesn't include the lesser played maps, how would you even know whether anyone likes them or not? If they never show up, anyone who's never seen it before won't have any opinions on it. If you want to break the "cycle" of overplayed maps, you have to force players to play more maps before being able to rotate back to the overplayed ones. Firstly to add variety, and second to let players discover new maps they may have otherwise never played before.
  10. Starblaster64

    Server Plugin Updates etc.

    @Killer_Awesome_Phantom obligatory bump
  11. Starblaster64

    New Hale Maps?

    Shouldn't this be in the Team Fortress 2 or Feedback and Suggestions subforums? Anyway, on-topic: Arktown kills framerates for some players on not-so-great hardware, even with the skybox disabled. Just a consideration. Crevice's download link is seemingly gone, but I'm sure you can find a copy in someone's downloads folder. VSH can technically "run" on any map (with varying degrees of success), the map prefix just has to be added to the saxton_hale_maps.cfg file. Though in the case of DM, I think you'd need to use an extension or plugin to add the arena logic entity, otherwise everyone would just keep respawning. I can't quite remember how many maps PG has in its rotation, but I think one potential solution to the repetitiveness is increasing the number of previously played maps that are excluded in the nominations list. e.g. if there are say 30 maps, have the plugin exclude the past 23 recently played, leaving 7 to be nominated/randomly picked for voting. That's how I do it to try and force variety on my own server anyway. Or, alternatively, just remove nominations entirely and switch to the SourceMod randomcycle system, which (as the name implies) will just randomly cycle through the maps.
  12. Starblaster64

    Server Plugin Updates etc.

    Considering you could travel at approximately Scout speeds (and thus outrun Hale for the better part of a match), while still being able to tank a hit (with enough heads), yes it was OP. It's less OP now that Valve changed the speed boost to only work with shields equipped though.
  13. Starblaster64

    Server Plugin Updates etc.

    Well this thread sure turned into a ghost town. I just thought I'd stop by to say I just published a micro-update (1.55e) to my 'unofficial VSH 1.56 pre release' fork: GitHub Repo Also there was technically another version before this one but I forgot to make a post about it. p: EDIT: If you guys wanted to suggest any new zanzy gameplay features I'd be happy to code something up in my spare time. Like a special PG's VSH subversion.
  14. Starblaster64

    Add New Rules to VSH Server

    Nucleus should be set by default to teleport all bosses to a random spawn point on taking world damage, like the HHH Jr. Honestly it's not very difficult to not get stuck in the Offblast pit, but if it's really an issue you can just add the map to the Saxton_teleport.cfg or whatever it was and it will be the same as nucleus. I'm not sure what you mean by fake AFK exactly. Do you mean players who fake AFK to avoid paying Hale, or those who do it to bait enemies in first? Because the latter, while annoying, is still a legitimate strategy.
  15. Starblaster64

    Time limit of maps

    Your suggestion is needlessly complex. You could have instead simply suggested that the default time limit be reduced, and then provide a map extension option as the map nears its end.