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  1. BlackSnow*

    Youtube Channel!

    Hey there I'm a new YouTuber, I will upload gaming contents as well as reviews on all varieties as often as I can.I play games such as League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive, DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2. The videos will be random as it differentiates from time to time. If you want to be updated as soon as I upload a new video feel free to SUBSCRIBE as it would mean a lot to me and gradually improve the channel. Thanks!! LINK TO CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/Regenetix?sub_confirmation=1 Regards, BlackSnow* (Regenetix) Admin of Phantom Gamers
  2. This application isn't as good as it can be. It doesn't provide enough information as for why you should be admin. I would recommend redoing a new application for a higher chance being accepted.
  3. BlackSnow*

    Accepted Matty's Admin/mod App

    This application is decent, but there are some question(s) that needed more details. For example, your "what time are you on" should include your timezones, you can't be on all day and night since you have other priorities besides TF2 (unless you have some sort of holidays but that's only temporary) and "why I should be admin" cant just metion that we/most admins arent active due to other players sayings also your saying "I'm a very respected person online and made a good impression on myself towards other online players", you're basically recommending yourselve to be an admin. Other than that it's cool :3 see you in game Matt. -GuardianSnow*
  4. BlackSnow*

    csgo rank

    I AM BRONZE V (MID TEEMO) wait sorry wrong topic? :3
  5. I am having bad internet connections and its getting fixed sooner or later.. Fukin optus I swear its so shit but yeah that's the reason why I havent been on recently. Soz bois
  6. BlackSnow*

    Glaze or something

    Welcome mate!
  7. BlackSnow*

    Managing members and staffs on website

    All good I am an admin my self.
  8. This thread is a suggestion towards the rank system on Phantom. Ideas Add a rank tab next to members that says "Staffs" (so members can inform admins of any incidents on any servers by messaging them on steam or on the website).Below our profile pictures when we comment on a thread you should add a logo [staff] or [Members] or even [NewB], so people know what rank they are.That's all for tonight as that's all I could think off to improve the website and the community. Thank you for reading this short thread of suggestions!
  9. BlackSnow*

    Hai! I'm specks.

    Thanks for telling me all the information! No need to stalk you anymore :3
  10. BlackSnow*

    Declined Application

    Damn right tyresse, Beesly is awesome. I am applying just because there's no one that's H-admin or Co-owner might as well just try out.
  11. Game / Job: TeamFortress2 / Co-Owner or Head-Admin Your age?: 15 turning 16 soon. Ingame name: GoldenSnow* Steam id: STEAM_0:0:94467601 Link to my profile: Press Here What time do you normally play?: On week-days I get on steam at 4pm-8pm and go on TF2 at 5pm-8pm but on weekends I get on TF2 at 1pm-8pm and this occurs every month and it's not going to change due to my semester break. Why should you be an admin [H-Admin or Co-Owner]?: Why should I? I was born to. I am a friendly player and a fun guy to be around with and I'll always be there to who ever needs help in the server. Their options are simply: Message me through steam (if online). Leave a comment on my profile of what they need help with and I will deal with it ASAP (if offline). Contact me through skype (Marcoflint). ​On occassions people complain/report about: Rule breakers, hackers and much more... I have all the responsibility to deal with that current problem. I will ask a few questions on what he/she did and I will use my commands to do what ever that is necessary by all means. I don't abuse my position. I don't treat other players as if their nothing but to be equal and have some fun? Ain't this all about fun? Don't take the game too seriously or you might start hurting yourselves. Do you have a mic, if so how much do you use it?: Yes I do have a mic and I use it on occasions when needed but most of the time I try to stay hidden so I can pick out some people who are being naughty Do you know the commands for admin?: Yes I do know all the commands for admin. Have You been an admin on another server before?: Yes I have been admin on other servers before (minecraft) as I first mentioned it at my first application. I am currently the [Owner] of SnowGC (Snow Gaming Community) the group is based on TF2 and CS:Go trading and give-away. Have you read and fully understood the admin rules(Link)?: Understood? I got it stuck in my head. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove your rank and allow some one else your take your spot?: Yes, by all means. Additional info: To contact me [Details] Email : marcocraft1233@gmail.com Skype: marcoflint I am a TRADER! -Thank you for reading this application HOPED you liked it. No hates love you all and have a good day <3
  12. BlackSnow*

    I am very sorry to say that I am a hacker.

    Hello Ninjinsky, Our main rule is Hacking, if you're hacking it's a perma-ban without question. It's your fault for choosing to hack in Phantom-Gamers. It's not for me to decide whether you will get un-banned you'll have to contact Killer for that. Isn't it common sense that hacking is going to get you banned? Please reply if you have further queries.
  13. Very detailed application +1 but try not to use italic font as it makes it harder to read [for me]. I am not sure if we are still open for admins atm but still best of luck!
  14. I am not sure about this one. :3