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  1. TF2 VSH/ Mod/Admin Age: 17 (turning 18) IGN: Lucifer and steam ID: STEAM_0:1:115097898 Play Time: You can catch me from anytime from 10am to 1am. Why Should I Be Admin: I believe i should be admin because i am friendly and kind to all players, i tend to player a lot on Phantom Gamers so i no most of the people who play on there. I want to make the VSH server a fun place by doing random rushes here and there and doing different kinds of votes to get everyone having fun even if they die constantly every round. But on a serious note i will seriously keep to the rules and not abuse my power and i am willing to lay down the servers to anyone who doesn't follow them. Do I have a Mic?: I indeed have a mic and use it quite alot Do you know the commands for Admin: Yes i do know the commands for admin. Have you been an admin on another server before?: I have been an admin on different server but only for minecraft. Have you read and fully understood the admin rules?: Yes, i have read and fully understood admin rules. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove your rank and allow someone else to take your spot?: I will let you guys know straight away. Additional Info: My real name is Andrew (not that its important), i love watchin anime, so if you no any good ones shoot'em my way . I do work, cause i gotta get that dough somehow I live in Queensland, Australia. I understand there is no Admin spots available but i thought i would apply and take my chances anyways cheers for reading, have a good one
  2. Lucifer

    Its Lucy :3

    Ayooo My names Lucifer but you can call me Lucy ;3 i mainly play on phantom vsh as it is alot better than most of the vsh servers out there due to awesome admin and fun maps plus me friends i play tf2 quite alot (favourite game) feel free to add me c: im friendly and dont bite..... much.... heueueue Catch Ya in game
  3. Lucifer

    Possible Hacker on VSH Hale Server

    glad he is banned, it was a pain in the butt playing hale with him using aimbot, the knockback was ridiculous
  4. Hade will become head admin once i grow my third nipple and start breathing fire ilys hade <3