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  1. ⇄Xero⇄

    What song would you like added to juke box

    More new popular songs like Chains yeah, just newer songs- Chains Its only Love
  2. ⇄Xero⇄

    What changes would you like to see

  3. ⇄Xero⇄

    What changes would you like to see

    Comet, even though rdr's are annoying sometimes, it can challenge you sometimes thats why i like it, thats the only way i can die because im just to gud :3 but yeah i recon rdr's should stay Thank you, Xero
  4. mhmmm i do agree with despair, he is my nemisis on db but yeah sensible. As Despair said if your application is still around when more spots available i do think we have a possible mod
  5. ⇄Xero⇄

    Any musicians here??

    I can play the Drums and guitar but thats about it, only a few songs though
  6. ⇄Xero⇄

    Favorite song right now :3

    Even though i don't have a favorite song i listen to a whole heap of different songs but one of them would have to be: Chains by Nick Jonas, its catchy also, Dude by sky Rizzo. They are my most played songs right now. Comment below yours
  7. ⇄Xero⇄

    Declined Application

    Seen you on a couple of times, don't really know you all that much, but you seem like an alright guy
  8. ⇄Xero⇄

    I am very sorry to say that I am a hacker.

    i agree with Beesley a perm should be given with out question, i mean look at the video!!
  9. anyone else love cars^^ :3