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  1. What days and times do you play? Well i dont play overly often right now Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:5809900 Ingame name: The Legend27, Bums, Dr Bums Real name: Adam Steam Profile http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197971885528/ Do I have experience as a staff/ am i an admin on any other servers: Yes, I am currently Head-Admin on SavG Gaming Do you have a mic? if so do you use it: Yes i do have a mic but i never use it. Age and Sex: 13 and male How will it benefit Phantom-Gamers if i take this position: I just think it will be better to have more staff on the servers to make sure everything is going alright Is this my first application: No, I recently Applied for admin on airborne delta. if im quitting Phantom-Gamers would i let you know: Yes i certainly would so you get go and get someone to take my position Do you know any commands: Yes i do i know most of the commands
  2. Game / Job : Saxton - Mod Age : 15 Ingame name and steam ID : http://steamcommunity.com/id/essecaele/inventory/#440_2_5134931231 Kitty From A Pound STEAM_0:0:5809900 What time do you play normally : I play pretty much everyday all day Why should you be Mod : I believe i will be a good mod because alot of my friends i should app for mod Do you have a mic : I do not have a mic but i am very fast at typing Do you know the commands : Yes I do I've been Co-owner on my friends x3 server but it shutdown Have you been Mod/Admin before : Yes, Yes i have on my friends server Do you clearly understand the Mod and player rules : Im sure i know all the rules If you stop playing phantom-gamers will you let us know that someone else can take your spot : Yes i will let you know that someone else can take my spot Additional info : Im lazy
  3. Ow where do I apply for vip,mod and admin!!! I really wanna be admin mod or vip