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  1. InsaneMembrane

    Declined Fluzzels admin/mod app

    i think fluzz deserves admin soooooo much, fluzz is calm and funny and if needed will be strict and do the right thing. i would say give fluzz admin cause of the person he/she is.
  2. +1 i know this wont do much but he is the best person i have met and he always makes me smile. even if he doesn't use his mic he can actually types quite fast. i would really like to see bluuy as admin/mod
  3. i read your answer and i went over my application, if you do come back to this please re read. if it is still not enough please tell me what i need to extend on
  4. i think your mean and nice at the same time which really confuses me.
  5. InsaneMembrane

    read dis

    MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE. kinda late i know.............
  6. InsaneMembrane

    stealing in dodge ball

    my mind has gone in circles because of the rule rocket stealing, i have been wanting to know if a rocket is coming at you going to the person behinds you and u are not able to move because of the speed of it are you able to airblast it if not please tell me.
  7. InsaneMembrane

    hello im insanemembrane

    i am insane membrane real name is anthony, i love playing dodgeball on this server because its a great server and i know alot of people on it i just turned 15, put lots of time in dodgeball and enjoy everyone on the server. u an add me, i wont bite but if i dont like you i eat you
  8. Server/job: just a player on dodge-ball. My age: just turned 15. In-game name: InsaneMembrane / STEAM_0:0:80402968 / http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198121071664/ What time are you on: right now i'm on for almost most (9am-4pm) days unless i play other games with my friends which usually tends to be for an hour or two a day, when not on holidays i play for about 2-3 hours 6-8/9pm a day until weekends then i play all day. Why should i be admin: i believe i should be admin because i have gotten along with quite a few people, have never gotten in trouble nor been in any kind of argument and make people laugh every now and then i have also found out that there are some moments where there are no admins/mods on at the time i am on and people steal. i feel that i am responsible, respectful, helpful and all around a good "kid" Do i have a mic: yes i do and i use it very frequently although sometimes i don't feel up for it like when i just wake up or just plain not in the mood (sad, tired, angry) Do i know the commands: i don't exactly know all of them but i don't know some such as mute, slay, kick and so on. 1/13/16 now know all commands from reading over all commands for the past couple of weeks (thoroughly read 6 times these two weeks) Have i been admin on any other servers: no not yet, i had not applied for an moderator job on any server before because i had never known what i was getting into nor did i play enough on those servers on this server i have been basically play all day every day other then today (1/13/16) and a couple of days before because of the painting that me and dad were doing in the house. Have i fully understood the rules: yes i read over them thoroughly multiple times such as the the commands. If i stop playing on phantom will i let you know: if i do stop playing i will not be one of those "k9's" that don't say anything until someone realizes that they don't play anymore or just play for only an hour every week.