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  1. Don't give him admin, his dad beats him too much for him to be of any real use, get him to fix his daddy issues first.
  2. Really hope Xero gets admin upgrade as I see him all the time on Saxton AND Dodgeball, slaying stealers, muting mic spammers aswell on Saxton and just being an all round good dude to hang around. Good luck to you Xero with getting admin and I do know that you will make a huge impact on this server even if you don't get admin! ~Goosie
  3. Best of luck to you Bronte, can't wait to see you on the server.
  4. Uncharted xd? All good i'm 15 really soon anyway.
  5. cook me up some chicken Rolf before I come over.

  6. Mr Specz would make a great starting Mod and I've known him as long as I've played Phantom-Gamers +1
  7. Game/Job: Saxton Hale Moderator Your Age: Currently I'm 14 years old. In-game Name and Steam ID: Goosie l Desimaldo - STEAM_0:0:82643014 What time do you normally play?: I'm in NZ Time which is GMT +13 about 2-3 hours ahead of Australia, I play about 8AM to 9PM Weekends and Holidays and 4PM to 7PM weekdays. Why should you be a Moderater? I never used to see much admins or mods on and there were always delayers and mic spammers trying to find attention so it really encouraged me to Apply for Moderator so I can be another person to the list that can moderate the server day and night and provide fun times and chill events. I know I'm only 14 but it's just a number that can only be changed by time and anyway you gotta know me a bit before you judge my opinion on how mature I am. Do you have a mic, if so how much do you use it? : I do indeed have a headset and I use it frequently to negate time wasted typing and to make sure everyone can hear me without having to look at chat. Do you know the commands for Mod? I have read and fully understand all console/chat commands that are available to my position that I am applying for. Have you been an admin on another server before?: I had a moderator position on a db server of my friend's but asked to be demoted after I decided not to play dodgeball anymore. Have you read and fully understand the Admin and Player Rules?: I read all the rules through and through and will continue to remember them even if my application is not accepted. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove you for another person to fill your place? If I ever decide to stop playing Phantom-Gamers I would let Killer know immediatly but I don't personally think I will be leaving anytime sooner or later. Additional Information: People often point out that I sound 16-17 although I'm only 14. I've made more friends on Phantom-Gamers then on any other servers. I can speak two languages French and English. ~Goosie