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  1. Mr Specz

    New Hale Maps?

    Battleground is the map where its says vsh_battleground but its not hale
  2. Mr Specz

    New Hale Maps?

    All of them would be good
  3. Just realised i was logged in on my old account xd
  4. Mr Specz

    Matty Abuse Report

    Do you know what banter is?
  5. Mr Specz

    Matty Abuse Report

    Ever heard of a bit of fun?
  6. Bois, do i get any powers anytime soon?
  7. +1 really good guy, think he would make a great admin
  8. Mr Specz

    Accepted Uncharted's Upgrade from mod.

    Played with uncharted a couple of times, good guy, think he deserves a second chance
  9. Goosie would make a great mod, I have been friends with him almost all the time I have played on phantom gamers servers
  10. Game / Job: Saxton hale mod Your age?: 16 Ingame name and steam id: Mr Specz - STEAM_0:0:84998712 - http://steamcommunity.com/id/MrSpecz/ What time do you normally play?: On weekdays/schoolday around 4-6pm Melbourne time(GMT+11) and on weekends and holidays, mostly all day Why should you be an mod? I should be mod as I feel like a firm part of the phantom gamers/saxton hale community as i have almost 16 days play time on hale and get along well with most people I play with, I abide by the rules . I see only 1 or 2 admins on, and sometimes none when I play, e.g. Matty, .wo. I am mostly respected by the Phantom gamers community (other than those i piss offby telling them not to break the rules) Do you have a mic, if so how much do you use it? I most certainly do have a mic, and i most certainly do use it. Do you know the commands for admin/mod?: Yes, I have read and fully understand the commands available Have You been an admin on another server before?: No, This is the server/s I play on, and have always played on in most of the latter part of 1000+ hours of tf2 (other than the valve PL servers) Have you read and fully understood the admin and player rules(recently updated)?: Yes, I have read and fully understand the rules and will do my best to follow them. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove your rank and allow some one else your take your spot?: Yes, If i become inactive, I will let you guys know