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  1. good rocket league match the other night soz bought my mate xd
  2. this is about grif not you catt dunno why you wrote that haha
  3. Hey good for you dude, good to hear
  4. Lucy

    What games have you guys been playing?

    mc is the shit i would totally play again if there where people to play with ahha
  5. I don't see others saying it and sorry for being negative about it, but the the amount of times you go off at people and lose your cool is crazy, i don't no how you will go as mod or admin. I think if someone ends up getting on your nerves you will end up slaying, kicking or gagging them. But thats my opinion up to Bronte and killer. I will say i commend you for being persistent in trying for the 6th or 7th time maybe you've changed.
  6. Lucy

    What games have you guys been playing?

    h1z1: Just Survive & King Of the Kill (fun survival and strategy games with mates and the other being team or solo tdm's), rocket league (cars with balls xd)
  7. thats pink guy changed his name ages ago now
  8. bought time you went for somethin
  9. I'd rather unchart than any of these randys tryna apply ay haha
  10. Lucy

    Declined Flamekong's Admin App

    lets keep it like that
  11. Lucy

    2017 List Of Things To Fix And Change

    Sounded pretty demanding in your post before GG, i'm sure Killer is aware of the problems and is doing what he can to fix it. His fixed a lot of things on the server so just be patient, he is a busy man.
  12. its gg2me what you expect matty ahah
  13. Lucy

    2017 List Of Things To Fix And Change

    Thanks for fixing Killer, appreciated
  14. Lucy

    Pissed off people

    Yeah i understand that Killer, will do that in the future. Im not sure why the thread was created in the first place over a petty thing. If Jack was as mature as he says he is, he could of easily avoided this thread and spoke directly to bronte or yourself, but because he likes to advertise whats happened and doesn't care how phantom looks threads like these happen. Sorry to dissapoint, ill be sure to contact one of you in the future if i need too.
  15. Lucy

    Pissed off people

    admins where already aware of it dude, im not sure why you keep commenting on shit, you say your mature but keep draggin shit out. Im tryna leave it be, you've got your warning so i thought you would of learnt by now.