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  1. Hey hey so this topic is about 'how did everyone find their way to phantom- gamers', I was just thinking how everyone found their way to phantom gamers and why they ended up stay here? this is mine. I was playing tf2 right, then I got bored so I deicded to go through my friends list and see what their doing, when I saw one of my friend playing dodgeball I was like "hmmmm dodgeball is a thing on tf2?" So I joined him and then got really angry because I didn't know what to do and kept on dieting so I asked my friend "how do I play dodgeball?", he told me how to play and I slowly got use to it and had lots of fun playing, as I played more and more of dodgeball I slowly got better, i decided to join the fourms so I could keep updated and meet others. So yeah that's my story, what's yours?
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    hey everyone so as you know my name is Syn and I play on the dodgeball server, umm I'm a bit shy at times, I'm bad at dodgeball and ummm my is Edward also, I don't mind if you call me Syn or Edward. I'm really bad with introductions so I'm just gonna rap things up, anyways I hope to see you guys in the future ummm yeah bye bye. : knock knock, who's there?, daisy, daisy who?, daisy see me rollin, they hatin. Anyways bye:))