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  1. eh, another thing ill say is griffin he is easily triggered and does go asshole on people, but heres the thing, does he keep the grudge on and non stop? no is it forever like other ppl? no is he mostly a good person? yes/no. we can only see what will happen when he does get admin, not predict what apocalyptic thing could happen. lets just wait and see
  2. hade i thought you quit this thing and now you come back full savage on unsuspecting new ppl, lol
  3. oi i have you +1 for you :PP cheecky
  4. because why not, bored anyway and yeah pretty short and crappy ;-;
  5. Game and job Admin-Saxton hale server-Phantom Gamers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In game name and Steam Id: GG2Me (and forever will be) id: STEAM_0:0:60430013 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198034942008/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What time do you normally play?: Friday – Sunday On random times maybe whole day or 3 hrs On holidays its up to 10hrs 10am-8pm But mostly random ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Why should you be a admin?: I am online alot to see when bad shit is happening I know alot of people on the servers I can have peaceful conversations I can easily react to other players when asking, doing crappy things or norms I am loyal to the server I can be respectful to people I have what it takes although i can be triggered i can deal with 12vies and other cancerous things ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Do you know the commands for mod? I can google it I can check from friends I can check from admins or mods or random people ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Have You been a Admin on another server before?: No i have not, yet :^) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Have you read and fully understood the admin and player rules(recently updated) (Link)? pretty much and if not i can check when i have time ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove your rank and allow some one else your take your spot?: Phantom Gamers is the only server i play ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Additional info: i play games non stop, have a tiny white dog named minnie, i can deal with anyone cancerous "fight fire with fire" and ik alot of ppl so yeah gimme admin now plz hoyhoyhyo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Do you have mic? if so how much do you use it: Yes i do have mic however i do not use it what so ever as i dont see much of a need also you dont wanna hear my voice
  6. then i should get admin if you want more staff
  7. but we got too many mods because you keep giving people mods hoyhoy :C
  8. blaadey, alot of people of gotten admin somehow vene though hey havent been on the server long. and very short compared to you. e.g bambam and derpy egg an admin from getsome got admin from being on the sever for about 5 days(not complete 24hrs) and he got it after 3 days of application so yeah you should get admin :CC
  9. GG2Me

    What games have you guys been playing?

    league, fallout 4 , battlefield 1
  10. GG2Me

    Accepted Flamekong's Mod Staff

    hey if bambam (who barely anyone but admins know) got admin why not flame kong plus dis guy more trustyworthy... with taht weird profile pic.... plus +1
  11. +1 hes been on alot, has skill, also if you gonna make bambam admin who i have no idea who he was got admin give bladey admin(and not mod) :C