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  1. Would have loved a reason for a few things that Bronte and i have run into
  2. Has no detail or anything in it, but its still better than griffins app
  3. Me and his comments have something in common
  4. The weed's got to his head, he doesn't know where he is
  5. Griffin look, if theres a reason why this and all your other apps have been declined is because you ask way too much for admin/mod. Instead of flooding us with apps you should have got the message to stop nagging for a rank and instead wait a couple of months before applying. But unfortunately you have not gotten the message and still continue to ask for it. We don't want you as our admin/mod If your so desperately bad for a rank i suggest waiting about 6 months before re-applying, or just go to a completely different server base since at this point in time we are not looking for any more admins or mods. WE ARE FULL
  6. i said it before ill say it again, i would rather be demoted than to ever see you as moderator or admin. And since i'm demoted the chance of you getting admin or moderator is most likely never, sorry mate
  7. In @Bronte's own words "We have way too many admins" which considering we hardly have any now we have way too many mods, sorry bud
  8. How many times have you applied now?
  9. Jack

    Munch's ban appeal

    Never seen you before in my life while playing online. Have you got any additional proof to what happened? @Bronte What do you think about this?
  10. Jack

    What games have you guys been playing?

    Doom, Garry's Mod, Tf2, L4D2, Skyrim, Payday 2, and of course the one and only minecraft
  11. +1 I met Derpy quite a few months ago on his server and he was so nice guiding me through how to play and making sure i know the rules on how to play. I reckon give him a shot he would be a amazing moderator.