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  1. Bronte said to me this morning that he was adjusting the rockets to go faster because the more advanced players want that
  2. No, it's not accurate but in a matter of like 3 or 4 air blasts the rockets are a lot faster than what they should be
  3. I'm getting very annoyed with how the rockets are even faster than what they used to be. This is not helping any new players that want to play this game because the rockets are now so fast they have trouble airblasting them. Please change this back so everyone can have a fair game not just the experienced players that benefit from this.
  4. It would be great if players could have !haledmg on permanently instead of having to type it in chat once every map
  5. Hello, my name is Hamish and I will be playing a lot of dodgeball and hale, so I hope to get to know you and understand how this forum works