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  1. >doctor asks me if I have thoughts of self harm >want to put a shotgun to my head at every waking moment >say no who /mizchief/ here
  2. Cʟᴀʏᴍɪɴ

    My Opinion on Race 'Mixing'

    >be at the park walking >see this group of brown mystery meat looking children by the pond yelling incomprehensibly at each other >probably just some mexicans or something >they follow me up to my car for whatever reason >group of people are talking while their dogs play together >these children are in full view now in front of my car >absolutely unidentifiable race >they have those greyish eyes that mixed kids do along with oddly shaped skulls >they aren't speaking spanish, just a very retarded form of english >they have no accent, this is how they actually talk >"DO DAWG BITE?" one asks to one of the dog owners, who can't quite understand the child (of about 12 years or so) so they just smile and chuckle awkwardly >"DO DEY BITE?" another child asks >one of the dogs stands up and sticks its nose out to smell them >the child jumps back like a scared chimp fearing for its life Definitely changed my attitudes towards race mixing for sure. These "people" were total abominations. Anyone else witness any similar acts of subhuman retardation?
  3. Cʟᴀʏᴍɪɴ

    My bubble Gum Story....

    >Be me >have gum with me all the time, I just like gum. >always offer to this stacey in my math class >"Thanks Claymin!" >feel like a fucking chad >have friends that are girls that talk to her regularly >Senior prom is coming up >ask friends if she would be ok with me asking her >they say she doesnt really know you well enough and treats you nice because she thinks you are autistic >Think they are fucking with me >Make a poster, probably buy 20 of those 3 packs of different gums, the ones that have 3 packs in one big pack >Write on poster "This might be a little bit more than I can CHEW (but big league chew there), but I was wondering if it would be JUICY (put juicy fruit there) if you went to prom with me >said yes >we went together, but I knew she was dreading it, told her that she should sit with her real friends. Ill be here with mine. >All my friends roasted me >She lost her virginity that night >tried offering gum to her the following monday, she just said no like a bitch She went to I think Griffith university, and got pregnant. Havent seen her since
  4. Cʟᴀʏᴍɪɴ

    By far the worst thing I've ever done...

    >Be 12, living with an abusive uncle and aunty >We live on an old farm, no animals just fields. >My uncle goes off to the market and comes back with this filthy ass horse. He says its bred from this old blokes prized stallion. >Aunty loves it for some reason cause its all muddy and she calls it "dirty".... She was a bit f***ed up like that. >I being a country side fag liked horses and riding them > Then they turned on me, "If we ever catch you riding our horse, we will beat the living S**t out of you," They meant it.... The had done it before. >Few days later, I'm messy around in the field with this old tractor tire I found. >Dirty is just eating grass and S***ing next to me. >Aunty and Uncle come out every few minutes to make sure I'm not riding the horse. >Get bored and climb inside the tire.... >Tire starts moving *The field wasn't flat* >Can't stop..... >Aunty and Uncle come outside and check on me.... >"They see my rolling, they hating, patrolling..... Trying to catch me riding 'dirty'"
  5. Cʟᴀʏᴍɪɴ

    Claymin is new

    My body is ready to be taken by Lord Xenu
  6. Cʟᴀʏᴍɪɴ

    Claymin is new

    Claymin has been asleep for many winters but he has awoken. He has come with a quest to destroy phantom gaming and all the normies within. Maybe you remember him, if so leaf a like and you will be rewarded my children. 50 likes for nudes