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  1. flamekong

    Minecraft Admin App

    10/10 most active admin
  2. flamekong

    Panda's resignation

    If skills were cars, I'd be Mercedes
  3. flamekong

    Griffins Moderator Application

    Are you seriously applying, again?
  4. flamekong

    Bronte's Resignation

  5. You can't leave a server for that long of a time, come back and then expect to get a staff position.
  6. You haven't been on in three months....
  7. I haven't seen you on the dodge ball server once, same goes for hale.
  8. I haven't seen you on the server in ages for starters. Secondly you are also do not meet the minimum age requirement for the job. Thirdly, as MrBluuy pointed point, I personally don't feel you're mature enough for the job. If it was up to me to make the final decision, it would be a no. Your application is also missing a great amount of detail.
  9. flamekong

    Declined Em's Mod app (again)

    Whoever you want me to be
  10. flamekong

    Declined Em's Mod app (again)

    It's a nice app, don't get me wrong. I do see you on the server alot and you are a nice person. A little bit more information would be nice. However, much like with other apps, you need to read Killer's Post before applying to see if there are any staff positions available. Right now, there are way too many staff members. Keep on the lookout for when someone gets demoted. - flamekong