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  1. 2 short bumsy boi but in terms of age restriction, i know some fellas younger than you bluuy and yet more mature but that comes.
  2. Leo

    Declined Em's Mod app (again)

    do you think you deserve it?
  3. Why do i want to become admin instead of moderator? : Over the past of being moderator, i have done my job, slayed stealers muted mic spammers, and i also don't just play on dodgeball i rotate positions alot, in there i do the same, also slaying people who delay saxton hale. I have helped out the community alot as much as i can, also helping junior's admins/mods trying to find their feet. I also want to be an admin to bring a bit more fun and joy to the phantom-gamers saxton hale and dodgeball severs. What have i done to make myself recognized by the community? : I have proven to the community that i am not just a boy behind a computer screen, with capable of much more i can bring to the sever as an admin, i have a good sence of humour and some crumby puns but i still do manage to make a couples laugh somehow, i do come on a fair bit and do use microphone aswell. I have changed aswell, alot. Age? : 16 years of age Are you prepared to be yelled at? : Yes What have i learned about the sever when i am a moderator? : The community seems to quite at some times, which i enjoy trying to cheer up, also there will be some people that have been playing for ages knowing the rules and continue to not apply, even some new players understand the rules, in terms of the new people some people do not try and help them as i do, poor spirit, also so many admins that come on to abuse or don't come on at all.
  4. you literally got mod a week ago
  5. he actually does tho, even i was suprised.