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  1. for what i have seen, gg2me is a respectful person and never breaks any rules. does deserve if there were spots... COME EARLIER GG!!
  2. blaaaaadey

    What games have you guys been playing?

    what would you play on mc luci lol
  3. on pretty often and does follow rules. given the time as mod and is obviously prepared for the next step
  4. blaaaaadey

    Declined RemuRemu Moderator application

    Too quick lmao. Emilia, what was you're previous name? jst curious
  5. not until someone quits
  6. i think starting off as a admin when you only started the game and server is a little big. also, the spots are full...
  7. blaaaaadey

    Declined Flamekong's Staff App

    Played this server longer than me and has alot of experience in owning and being staff on servers. Hope you can squeeze in
  8. Means alot GG, but i would first like to start as mod C:
  9. Really can't tell if that's good or not x d