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    Admin Applications. OLD

    Thanks for the replay. And ive readed the Rules/Command
  2. Mr.Pootis.

    Admin Applications. OLD

    PootisSuperMonkeyBeam Applictation Job:Admin Or Admin Age: 15 My Real Life Name: Jimmy Something About me: Im very kind if i become admin then i will ask all my friend list if anyone mic spam ill join and mute them.and for hackers.ill ask phantom,mrherb,killer so i can ban them.if i got spare stuff ill might do a raffle or who oever kills or most damge will get some stuff mostly SSG Does that and i dont usualy play SSG Alot i Usualy play Phantom alot and DodgeBall and mostly i help mr.herb and phantom because they F2p i dont know now i gave Phantom:A Clean Festive Tree Worth 1.66 And Gave Mr.Herb 20 or 24weaps and some few Hats i would be kind and help some more What Will I Do When Im Admin Or Mod: iLL will help and mute/ban/kick mic spammer/hackers/Cappers. And Help Out Mostly Theres No Alot of admin going on.So i will be applying for admin so i can help out aswell! and i would promise that i wont abuse my powers etc Respawn/ChangeClass/kick people no reason/ban for no reason/unban players for no reason/ (optional) Additional info (IE: examples of you work.): Im Not that old to get a job like irl soon i will be.and i wish i would know how to so disigns for tf's mostly i do my Homework/Assignment/ Thanks!
  3. Mr.Pootis.

    SkillPhantom Being Hacked.

    Thats why u removed me as friend.-.-
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    Admin Applications. OLD

    1.Job:Admin 2.Age:13 3.Something About You: I like to have alot of friends and have,Fun and also Help people too aswell:) Usually i Help people out soo i want more friends i only have like. 10. 5.If u do come Admin What Will u Do:i will Help And Mute Mic Spammers i been seen today and annoyed me to death.And Help Out and Stop some Agruing They Doing or Hackers or if they are Hacks.i dont know And Point Farmings!...Ahh i Hate it 6.What you Know How to do(with the Job IE Graphic design):Ive Never Do Praphic Designing But i Dont know how to do it.i wish i whould Do it.and Make more and help out Phantom-Gamer Server. Thanks. Mr.Pootis