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  1. Game / Job: Admin or Moderator Your age?: 15 Ingame name and steam id: fred.pino92 - STEAM_ - 76561198440828653 What time do you normally play?: 6am-9pm Why should you be an admin?: Because I believe I can bring happiness and a great admin to the server. I can respond to things fast and efficiently and I know how to manage things very carefully but with respect. I will never come on and administrate with a bad attitude, It spreads angryness and that's not cool. I can code sourcepawn and can fix plugins very easily. I have loads of experience with TF2, CSGO and Gmod servers. Do you have a mic, if so how much do you use it? If you are applying, you need to use it frequently and be confident on the mic: I have a good microphone, and I use it allways Do you know the commands for admin?: ( yes and some of them are: !BRING, !WARN, !NOCLIP.ETC. Have You been an admin on another server before?: Yes, THE SERVERS ARE ELITELUPUS, XenoRP, asapgaming, and hollow roleplay. Have you read and fully understood the admin and player rules(recently updated) (Link)?: Yep If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove your rank and allow some one else your take your spot?: Yep, I am always willing to be fair. Additional info: i am 15 but i sound 13. And i will make this server great again. PS : i like this server better than all the others.