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    job:admin for saxtion hale.1 name:matt 2.age 13 3.maturity 8-7 i am mature enough to know all the rules but still have a bit for fun and make people have some fun as well 4. something about me is i have been on the server for a long time and have a lot of fun with all the other admin's any way im in high school and just sit there just wanting to go on the saxtion but haveing to do home work im in year 7 and love game like tf2 and im very nice to all and im fun and funny so yer corgi you and still takeing admin's so i will be very happy if you make me admin .5 if i become admin i will be very fair to all people and and do rushers wen it's over 75% but i will kick people that are being trolls and cap before the other team can kill em but im nice to all so yer i hope you get this thank you for your time pc im freedy got fingered i was all so kitty and commander kittens