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  1. R u also using the bushwaka? That makes your damage drop a lot.
  2. RedSnow


    Ok... Well I have 2 questions/suggestions. First... I think we should create a donation system.. With different levels of donations. I think this would help out the server, as well as doing the owner a favour! $5.00 -Just a donation title/Helping out $10.00 -Title, helping out, Sticky jumper and/or Rocket Jumper. $20.00 -Title, helping out, Sticky jumper and/or Rocket Jumper and HELPING OUT $50.00 -Mod.. Title, helping out, Sticky jumper and/or Rocket Jumper, COMMANDS:/kick..If trusted after a while /ban (just a suggestion!) and HELPING OUT $150.00 -Title, helping out, Sticky jumper and/or Rocket Jumper, ADMIN! and HELPING OUT (STILL A SUGGESTION!) Second of all... I think FULL admins should be allowed to use Sticky-Jumper and Rocket-Jumper! -RedSnow
  3. RedSnow

    Time limit

    I think it should start on last 2 people... and go for 10Mins .. Because I REALLY dislike servers (haleservers) that have time limits. U have to admit!
  4. RedSnow

    Enabling All Weapons

  5. RedSnow

    Enabling All Weapons

    I dont think it would be a good idea... just for the reason of people spamming and just jumping EVERYWHERE! But.. I seriously don't mind... it would make the server a lot more fun to play on, because NO other Hale server has this enabled. It would become an even more popular server. -RedSnow
  6. RedSnow

    Admin Applications. OLD

    Job:Graphics Design + Admin ( I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW it says full admin spots... but I'm not sure when will said that... so just in case I'm applying for it! (P.S I would love both spots!) Real Life Name: Ben W.In game name:RedSnow or, RedSnaw.Age:I know, im 13 but i dont think that should stop me being admin(if their are open spots) I know most servers that i have played on ... in minecraft they dislike young admins... But i think i could bring some life into the battlefield.Maturity (1-10): I would say about an 8... I love to have fun, But I will control the community. Something About you:I love Photoshop, its wonderful. I would love to have that role as well. I love sport like, Swimming, Rock climbing, Tennis and footy. I love communicating with people and I love talking to people. If you do become admin what will you do: I will talk on mic a lot more. Help to get people to advertise "our"/phantom gaming. I will be nice, respectful and get people to get on a lot more. I will help set up the "donor" thing, if that happens. I will also contribute to voting, posting and talking on the forums . I think i would be a great admin. What you Know how to do (with the job IE: graphic design ): I love Photoshop... its my life. I have done many logo's and photos.. Not really for websites... but just for myself...(optional) Additional info (IE: examples of you work.) I will do both of these down the bottom/attachmentsExamples of your artwork (Only for Graphic Artist applications):I will do both of these down the bottom/attachments I WILL MAKE A LOGO FOR PHANTOM GAMING IF I GET ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!
  7. RedSnow


    All the admins are awesome!