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    Hey Killer_Awesome_Phantom I tried adding you as a friend on Steam, however you haven't accepted it yet. Is it possible for me to become a tf2 admin on a Saxton Hale server. I am Absolute Vodka probably remember me. But anyway I talked with Creapy and lamb( Corgi) about the Admin stuff they told me about this job application section, but I couldn't find it. But then I typed in Google Phantom Gamers Job application and now im here. So could you please reply to me ASAP and accept the friend request that I sent you earlier today. Thanks and hope to talk to you soon King Regards, Absolute Vodka Application 1. Job: Admin 2. Real Life Name: Tim 3. In Game Name: MixV-Selling Unusual (Vodka) 4. Age:16 5. Maturity (1-10): I would say 8 or 7. 6. Something About you: I've played heaps of your Phantom Servers, probably remember me Absolute Vodka. Anyway I applied for this job because I want to improve these servers by running it smoothly. I also know many people like Corgi and Creapy that are already Admins, this will improve my communication with the servers because I already know these people and understand the full responsibility of being an admin. I do not tolerant abuse of other players, scamming and other people that feel that they can do anything they want. Therefore I would love to help and improve this community I am online nearly all the time because I love playing TF2 and because I use the computer a lot. 7. If you do become admin what will you do: I will ban players if needed - abuse, scamming and etc. , seize scamming and finally I will not tolerate any abuse as mentioned before and plus I have being playing TF2 for quite a while. And you would probably remember me. 8. What you Know how to do (with the Job IE :graphic design) Being admin because my friends on Steam are Admins on many servers and they have taught me well what to do and what not to do. Therefore I will obey every rule. 9. (Optional) Addintion info (IE: Examples of your work.) I have friends on Steam that have taught me how to use Admin and what are the rules. I also have been invited to many groups. An example is UK, America, NZ and Australia. Plus I have good communications with Corgi and Creapy who are already Admins on this server. King Regards, Tim