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  1. Game / Job: Mod For VSH Your age?: 15 Ingame name and steam id: Jack [U:1:125564921] - http://steamcommunity.com/id/ jackparris/ What time do you normally play?: Monday to Friday 3:30PM- 9:00PM Saturday and Sunday 8AM - 10PM Why should you be an admin?: I believe as a mod i could be come an expert at dealing with younger players who join the game. Every player should feel welcome to the server especially younger people. kids who join get told to rudley shut the fuck up, kill themselves or slit there necks by players and admins. If i were mod i could Take situations a lot more calmly. I also would like to start off small and then grow big. Do you have a mic, if so how much do you use it? If you are applying, you need to use it frequently and be confident on the mic: A very clear and easy to hear mic, i use it all the time Do you know the commands for admin?: I'm an expert as Admins teach me some of them but i have the commands page bookmarked and i read them everyday Have You been an admin on another server before?: Not on team fortress 2 but on a Garry's mod prison server and various minecraft servers Have you read and fully understood the admin and player rules(recently updated) (Link)?: Read them twice just to make sure If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove your rank and allow some one else your take your spot?: Thats never going to happen so no Additional info: I think that we could start promoting the server(s) by creating a Steam group, or a Facebook page which im an expert in marketing and advertising as i promote my school, i could do frequent giveaways, updates on the server, or even just a place to chat with one another
  2. 1. game/job - mod for saxton hale 2. age - 16 3. ingame name and steam id - STEAM_0:1:69183876 ★ MLG POW POW!★ 4. what time do i play - 3:20pm to 5:30pm on week days and anytime on weekends 5. why should i be admin - ive been on this server for almost 3 years now and now i want to more than just a player, a mod. ive been try9ng to apply for admin but i think i should be mod first because it will show me how to run a server. 6. do i have a mic - no 7. commands - yes i know them and how to direct it to a player 8. have i been an admin before - no 9. have i read the rule - yes i have 10. if i stop playing phantom gamers phantom wil i let you know - yes
  3. Game / Job: Want to be Mod Your age?: 15 Ingame name and steam id: [^BAC^] Jony Legendary Assassin and the steam link is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/MoonPandaTheBest/ What time do you normally play?: 4-9pm Why should you be an admin?: I know Phantom dodgeball's rules and I want people to play for the rule not against Do you have a mic, if so how much do you use it? If you are applying, you need to use it frequently and be confident on the mic: I have a normal mic, well I pretty use it most of the time when playing Do you know the commands for admin?: no Have You been an admin on another server before?: no Have you read and fully understood the admin and player rules(recently updated) (Link)?: not updated but ye If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove your rank and allow someone else your take your spot?: Yes Additional info: I really know the phantom dodgeball rules plus I will try to make people play for the rules not against the rules plus I'm extremely awesome
  4. Game / Job: Admin/Moderator Your age?: I'm 15 year of age currently Ingame name and steam id: Retarded Avocado - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Avocado_porn What time do you normally play?: 4-8 pm Why should you be an admin?: Because i have noticed a large growth in the phantom games servers, but i have noticed when their are no admins online i see other players abusing the server rules and as a VIP I'm only limited to control the mic spamming of other players on the server plus the added time of near 1000 hours on tf2 plus i play the server alot. Do you have a mic, if so how much do you use it? If you are applying, you need to use it frequently and be confident on the mic: I do use my Mic sometimes when talking and having fun but my mic can be a little glitch so i re-frame from using it. Do you know the commands for admin?: I kinda Know the commands but it if do get staff it will be my first Tf2 server to be staff on. so I'm limited on the commands (i can always youtube it) Have You been an admin on another server before?: I have But not on tf2 mostly Minecraft when i played it Have you read and fully understood the admin and player rules(recently updated) (Link)?: i completely understand your admin/mod rules. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove your rank and allow some one else your take your spot?: yes, I will inform you if i leave or stop playing phantom gamers saxton hale server or doge ball Additional info: I enjoy having fun with players say jokes and every body laughing at me Because they are fucking shit, would like to have fun with rushes and other things Plus the other admins Cant Rap
  5. Server/Job Head Admin for Saxton Hale and Dodgeball. My age 14 My name ingame -DuB- Uncharted.dB - STEAM_0:0:50634513 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198061534754/ What time am i on. well on a school day i hop on 3.30pm and get off at 9.00pm, but on holidays or weekends i gt on from 7-10am to 9pm. Why should i be admin? Because i am a respectable player in the community, and i have done lots for the community trying to get on as soon as possible trying to deal with as many stealers and delayers in vsh and DB and believe it or not quite a few look up to me as a leader they could learn from. Do i have a mic? yes i have a mic and i use it constantly every minute to solve stealers and team killers and talk to people. Do i know the commands? yes i know most commands slay for stealer's, kick for team killers, and bans for advertising or hacking, or changing maps incase of one of the maps are broken. Have i been admin on any other servers? Yes i have on some servers that some of my friends have made. Have i fully understood the rules? yes i have understood the rules for a while now and i'll continue to follow them. If i stop playing on phantom will i tell you. yes, but i'll never leave phantom anyway. Additional info? I was admin before and i took a lot of things too far i have learnt from those mistakes i made and if given the chance ill get right back in there and this time i won't stuff up
  6. Duna's Mod/Admin Application Server: Mod/Admin for Dodgeball server Age: 15 In-game name: Duna Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198075826723 Times that i'm on: Early morning and throughout most of the day through to the late night Do I have a mic: Yes, use often Why I should be Mod/Admin: I think I should be Mod/Admin because I am on throughout most of the day, I am kind to people, obey server rules and pretty much only play dodgeball. There are reasons to why I want to become a Mod/Admin and those reasons are; In the mornings there are barely ever any Mods or Admins on, leaving this period of time wide open with no guidance from Mods or Admins. I can be strict yet polite at the same time when enforcing rules and I do know a few commands after being Admin for a fair while on GhostTA a few years back. Do I fully understand the rules? Yes If I stop playing on Phantom will I let you know? Yes
  7. Game/Job: Saxton Hale Moderator Your Age: Currently I'm 14 years old. In-game Name and Steam ID: Goosie l Desimaldo - STEAM_0:0:82643014 What time do you normally play?: I'm in NZ Time which is GMT +13 about 2-3 hours ahead of Australia, I play about 8AM to 9PM Weekends and Holidays and 4PM to 7PM weekdays. Why should you be a Moderater? I never used to see much admins or mods on and there were always delayers and mic spammers trying to find attention so it really encouraged me to Apply for Moderator so I can be another person to the list that can moderate the server day and night and provide fun times and chill events. I know I'm only 14 but it's just a number that can only be changed by time and anyway you gotta know me a bit before you judge my opinion on how mature I am. Do you have a mic, if so how much do you use it? : I do indeed have a headset and I use it frequently to negate time wasted typing and to make sure everyone can hear me without having to look at chat. Do you know the commands for Mod? I have read and fully understand all console/chat commands that are available to my position that I am applying for. Have you been an admin on another server before?: I had a moderator position on a db server of my friend's but asked to be demoted after I decided not to play dodgeball anymore. Have you read and fully understand the Admin and Player Rules?: I read all the rules through and through and will continue to remember them even if my application is not accepted. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove you for another person to fill your place? If I ever decide to stop playing Phantom-Gamers I would let Killer know immediatly but I don't personally think I will be leaving anytime sooner or later. Additional Information: People often point out that I sound 16-17 although I'm only 14. I've made more friends on Phantom-Gamers then on any other servers. I can speak two languages French and English. ~Goosie
  8. Game / Job: TF2 Dodgeball Mod/Admin Your age?: 15 (16 in 4 months) Ingame name and steam id: Funga - STEAM_0:0:46294168 - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198052854064/ What time do you normally play?: During school terms, I play after 3pm and can usually play 2-3 hours minimum. On the holidays, I can play everyday and usually throughout the whole day Why should you be admin?: Being an mod/admin is a huge responsibility and I know what it takes to be one (not saying the other admins/mods don't). It's not just about having a [Mod] or [Admin] tag and all the powers that come with it. I want everyone to have fun but at the same time, stay within the margin of the rules. If I saw someone breaking the rules, I would ask them if they could stop. If I was given it, I would not abuse mod/admin power in anyway or under any circumstance. I always have a good time talking to people on the server and I almost always greet people when I join the server. I am also very easy to contact because I am almost always on my computer. Do you have a mic if so how much do you use it?: I do have a mic though I barely use it because I can type messages at decent speed. If being an admin requires me to use my mic more often, then I have no problem doing so. Do you know the commands for admin?: Yes, I have gone over the admins' commands quite a few times and have a good understanding of when to use them. Have you been an admin on another server before?: Yes, I have been an admin on a GMod Deathrun server but it has been shutdown for a while now. Have you read and fully understood the admin rules?: Yes I have. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers, will you let us know so we can remove you from admin and allow someone else take your spot?: If for some reason I do stop playing, I will definitely allow someone else to take the spot of admin. Otherwise, it wouldn't be fair to others. Additional info: While playing on the dodgeball server, I like to play against one of the really good players for the challenge. Tiny bit tryhard lel.
  9. Why do i want to be an admin instead of moderator?: matty said so and cause im fat. What have i done to make myself recognised by the community?: i have slayed stealers, Hackers, kicked team killers etc. Age?: 18 8) jks 14 Ready to be yelled at?: well everyone already yells at me for being to strict so yea i suppose so. what have i learned about the community?: its shit and full of memes and is as bad as csgo 8)
  10. 1. game/job saxtonhale for admin 2. age 15 3.ingame name/ steam id my steam id is STEAM_0:1:69183876and my name is The Awesome ★ MLG POW POW!★| trade.tf 4. what time do you play ive changed my times because since im on holidays so really yeah but on normal days usually 4.00pm-5.30 on week days and any time on the weekends 5.why should i be admind? ive been on this sever for 2 years now and i want to be admin on this server and i think ill be good 6.do i have a mic? no 7. do i know the admin commands? yes 8. have ive been admin before? no i havent but i remember one time when there was this issue on the server that if you do !buddah in chat you cant die so i told phantom and he fixed it 9.have i read the rules and understood them yes i have 10. if i stop playing on phantom gamers i will let you know and someone else can i have my postion
  11. Hi guys its me (*MLG*)MONSTER i would like to be a Moderator i'm a really nice person i am 11 i love playing Minecraft and TF2 a lot that's some stuff about me
  12. 1. Game/Job? Dodgeball admin - Currently moderator. 2. Age? I just turned 16. Birthday is 30/11/1999 3. Ingame name / steam ID ? Ingame name - Tyresse Steam ID - STEAM_0:0:46793231 4. What time do i normally play? Since it is the holidays, i will always be online steam( as i have no life and don't go outside) And i will probably spend up 6hours playing on this server every day. When it isn't the holidays and i have school and sport to attend, i will probably spend around 2-3 hours a day from monday-friday and roughly 4-6 hours on weekends. 5. Why should i be admin? Because i am a very well known player around the community, and i try my best to have a good reputation, and the main reason i'm here, is because i've now been mod for around 8-9months, and i haven't had any consequences from being mod, so i feel like i should have a promotion. 6. Do i have a mic? I do have a mic, and i'm not shy to use it, i am 16 years old and my voice is much much lighter than most kids my age. Even though people are shy from having high pitch voices, i am not one of those people. Although, i don't speak all the time, i'm usually in a teamspeak channel, but when there is something going on, and the chat is not an option, i will have to speak. I also use my mic on the server to speak to people. e.g skyblocks / diplex / matty and others. 7. Do i know the commands for admin? Of course. i know basically all the commands out there. I have also helped quite a bit of mods on the server with commands and how to use them. 8. Have i been an admin on another server before? Nup, but i've been premium on many trading servers. ( you get all the basic commands) 9. Have i read and fully understood the rules? Yes. 10. If i stop playing on phantom-gamers, will i notify you so you can remove my rank? Yes. 11. Additional info About the mic part. i currently use a really really crappy mic, which has eco and very bad quality. But i'm getting a much better headset, with a much clearer mic (that will give me a deep voice) for Christmas.
  13. Age: I may be 14 years old and it says that you need to be 15 years old or older but I think that I am more mature than a 14 year old. My Name: bob (my old name was Bob The Builder and I have made an admin application before). My steam id is 0:0:51061683. What Time I Normally Play: I play some weekdays and almost the whole day on weekends. During holidays I am on almost the whole day. Why I Should Be Mod/Admin: I have been playing dodgeball for almost a year now and I know a lot of commands like kick, gag, slay, respawn and lots more. I have also had past experience being an admin. i was an admin for a different server. Do I have a Mic: I have a mic but I do not use my mic all that often. But there are also other admins that don't have a mic and they have been doing very well. But if I have to use my mic to attract attention then I will use my mic. Commands: I know most of the commands. Especially the essentials like the commands that I stated before. Have I Been a Mod/Admin Before: Yes and I really enjoyed being an admin. Have I Read The Rules: Yes and I thoroughly understand them. Will I Let Killer Know if I am Going to Stop Playing on Phantom: I will...I think. Other Information: Overall I think I should be admin/mod because I have practically everything that a good admin/mod needs. The main reason I want to be mod/ admin is because of people like bums galore. They never change their ways and its annoying and I'm sick of it.
  14. Job: Preferably admin but a mod will be fine Age: 14 ID: MechanicalMan57 Time On: Pretty much anytime in the afternoons unless i have homework. Why should I be Admin: I think I should be admin because i am well respected throughout the TF2 community with tons of friends who respect me and vice versa. I am very friendly and won't discourage anyone at all. Mic Availability: Always and I am very confident on it. Known Commands: Only /admin but i will read the Admin rules and study them well. Been Previous Admin: No but it would be an honour to be an admin for the first time on such a great server. Read Rules of Admin: I understand them fully just need to read the rest. I will write them down if i have to. If I stop playing: I will inform anyone instantly but i doubt that will happen cause i plan to stay on this server for a long time. Additional Info: I like to try to make people laugh whenever i can, try to encourage others and also have fun while doing so. I never intend to hurt someone's feelings cause I've seen what happens.
  15. Hi there to all whom read this, if you play on vsh or even dodgeball you might know me (Depending on if I have met you or not of course!) I am looking for an admin position on the #1 vsh server, although it has been advertised by killer himself that there are no available positions. The current admins are barely on the server and when they are not hell breaks loose with map exploitation; continuous player aggression by trolls and general misbehaviour that goes unpunished or undealed with. I myself have been a very regular player on this server for 2 years (I come on every single day). And when I and other players come on to the server to have some fun and then have it ruined by matters such as these it really gets on everyones nerves. I have the knowledge of basic admin commands and have experience in resolving matters appropriately. Command Example: E.g. /kick player 1000 years If given admin I can promise that I would be appropriate and fair with this position given, all I ask is to keep the peace on my favourite server when it gets to points like this. If you need references, cookieninja, guardian, Miss Britt, Dandan, Eternal, and pretty much other regulars on the server like retarded arrow and etc can tell you more about me! Whatever decision is made I appreciate your consideration.
  16. Fazes Mod Application (DodgeBall) Here are the awnser to your questions 1. Game/Job I would like to go for Team Fortress 2 - Dodgeball mod 2. Age My age is 16 as of 2015 2. What is your Ign and steam id? My Ign as of this stage is S>Last Page #RFT i will expect to change is soon to Faze S>Last page most people know me as Page or Faze my steam id is Steam_0:0:6491485 3. I Normally play Between 3pm - 4pm (Do my hw) then 5pm-8pm on Monday Wednesday and Friday, i have sports on Tuesday and Thursday and the start of Saturday, I will try to be on as much as possible if/when i am mod. 4. Why should i be admin? I think i should be admin because i am on a lot, i mean a lot. I play tf2 almost every day of the week at least 1 hour on the dodgeball server. I know most of the admin and staff, i also report hacker’s abusers team killers and etc. I know most of the players and how they play and when. I am also friends with them. 5. Do I have a mic and am i confident with it? I do have a mic and I frequently use it, i am very confident with it and speak fluently on it. 6. Do you know the admin commands? I do not know the admin commands but I intend to learn them, a lot of the time when I’m messing around or join a friends server and they do not know how to use commands or change sv_cheats I teach them or if I don’t know I google it and I find the answer fast. 7. Have you been an admin on another sever? I have not been an admin on another server but i intend to be on this server and many other. 8. Will I let you know if I leave phantom dodgeball? I will let you know if I leave db for a while so you can remove my rank and give it to some other responsible human being. 9. Addition info I have been recruiting for a comp team or #RFT in my case and so if I get it I won’t be playing as much but I will still be playing often. I may also get grounded but that will not happen often
  17. TF2 VSH/ Mod/Admin Age: 17 (turning 18) IGN: Lucifer and steam ID: STEAM_0:1:115097898 Play Time: You can catch me from anytime from 10am to 1am. Why Should I Be Admin: I believe i should be admin because i am friendly and kind to all players, i tend to player a lot on Phantom Gamers so i no most of the people who play on there. I want to make the VSH server a fun place by doing random rushes here and there and doing different kinds of votes to get everyone having fun even if they die constantly every round. But on a serious note i will seriously keep to the rules and not abuse my power and i am willing to lay down the servers to anyone who doesn't follow them. Do I have a Mic?: I indeed have a mic and use it quite alot Do you know the commands for Admin: Yes i do know the commands for admin. Have you been an admin on another server before?: I have been an admin on different server but only for minecraft. Have you read and fully understood the admin rules?: Yes, i have read and fully understood admin rules. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove your rank and allow someone else to take your spot?: I will let you guys know straight away. Additional Info: My real name is Andrew (not that its important), i love watchin anime, so if you no any good ones shoot'em my way . I do work, cause i gotta get that dough somehow I live in Queensland, Australia. I understand there is no Admin spots available but i thought i would apply and take my chances anyways cheers for reading, have a good one
  18. Hey guys, I play TF2 Im 15 My in game name is Nexus and steam id: STEAM_0:0:48363852 I usually play around any time after 3:00pm Perth time zone. I think i would make a good Admin because i am a fair Admin i have had the role before on the same kind of server i am very active on the Saxton Hale server with the occasional activity on the dodgeball server. Most people know me in the Hale server and think I'm a great player and don't make to many enemys. I have a mic and will use it with ease, I'm very confident when i use it on the server. I know most of the general basic commands that an admin needs to keep the server going smoothly. I have been Admin on the CTN saxton hale and chill fight servers. I just read and understood the rules to the best of my abilities I will let someone know if i stop playing on the phantom gamers server although i doubt i will stop.
  19. 1. Game/Job? -Either and Admin or Mod 2. Your Age? -I'm 13 years old 3. Ingame name and Steam ID -My steam name is Mr. Chicken -My Steam profile link is http://steamcommunity.com/id/mrchicken2431/ -Steam id is STEAM_0:0:63991423 4. What time to you normally play? -Normally on weekends Saturday it's 9 am-2 pm. On Sundays it's 1 pm-4 pm. On weekdays it's 4 pm-6 or 7 pm 5. Why should you be an admin? -I think I should be an admin because I've been playing on Phantom for over a year now. Even though I'm 13 I'm mature and I will NEVER EVER abuse the admin's power. I'll do my best to be an admin, the best there is. On the Nubz dodgeball server (now there isn't) I helped the owner NubzG l noobynoob2 find the hackers and ban them. I wasn't an admin on the server. Nooby was the person who banned them. We banned 2 hackers in a day. Str8 Up was the person who got me here now doing this application, so I'd like to thank him for that. I hope I can help this community to be a better one. I'll do the things that an admin is supposed to do. I'll help people out who'll need help and be respect other people as they respect me. I won't get mad a phantom if I don't get to be an admin or mod, I'll keep playing on this server almost everyday as normal. I understand, lots of people are already trying to take the position of admin or mod. I'm a nice person, open minded and can be trusted as an admin. That is why I believe I should be an admin or mod. 6. Do you have a mic? If so how often do you use it? -I do have a mic and I don't use it very often but i would as an admin. If I can't use my mic I can always type. I'm fast at typing, I'm a touch typer (type without looking at the keys on the keyboard). My fastest ever at typing is about 75 wpm. 7. Do you know the commands for admin? -I know the commands there is to know for an admin. I am currently making a dodgeball server, but might not complete it. I know the commands because of that especially. I know the "sm_" commands as well. I can learn new commands quickly. As I do with my friends minecraft server. 8. Have you been admin on another server before? -Yes I have. On my friends minecraft server we are currently making. I will never grief his server nor the phantom servers, i hate griefers. He trusts me with his server than most people on it that are mod and admins. But on Tf2 this is my first time applying for an admin and I have never been an admin on any other game other than Minecraft. 9. Have you read, and fully understand all the admin rules? -Yes i have read all the rules over and over again. I will check the rules daily to see if anything changed. 10. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers, will you inform us so we can remove your rank for someone else to take the position? -yes I will inform you, and if I go on a holiday or something similar like that I will also inform you. I already learnt my lesson on Nubz. I'm not a person who will keep the position for myself. I would be glad for other people to take my position. 11. Additional Info -I haven't had 5 posts yet but I will have 5 posts eventually. If I don't the position I fully understand that I'm not suited for this position and later I'll try again in a year or 2. I'll be fine if it's a no. APPLICATION DOES NOT MEET 4 OF THE REQUIREMENTS.
  20. 1. Game / Job: Dodgeball, Admin/Moderator 2. Your age?: I am 16 years of age 3. Ingame name and steam id: ๖Kaos³ (I can edit if neccesary), STEAM_0:0:76413856, http://steamcommunity.com/id/KaosCubed 4. What time do you normally play?: I usually play around 5:00 in the afternoon to 9:30 at the latest on weekdays, and prety much any daytime hours on the weekend. I usually play every day, and at sparse occasions I will not play for a day or two due to assessment or something like that. Why should you be an Moderator?: I believe that I should become a Admin/Mod for a few reasons. Firstly, I want to better the server as much as possible (i.e. posing future ideas, helping test stuff out etc.). I also feel that I know almost everyone that frequents the server, and that I'm a decently reputable person.As well as this, I beleive that lately, there have been quite alot of rule breakers (mic spammers, stealers etc.) and I have been almost powerless to stop them. If I were to become a AdminMod, I would put a stop to all of that and improve the fun that everyone on the server deserves. Despite the laid back fun attitude that I commonly bring to this server, with a Admin/Mod position, it would be 100% Professional. Do you have a mic, if so how much do you use it?: I do indeed have a microphone, and I can use it at pretty much any time, I'm not a squeaker or anything either, so I 'm pretty sure that people don't find my voice annoying or anything. Do you know the commands for admin?: I have read up on the commands and I'm confident in using them. Have You been an admin on another server before?: I have not been an admin of any other servers, but hey, there is a first time for everything. Have you read and fully understood the admin rules?: I have indeed read the rules and I 100% understand them. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove your rank and allow some one else your take your spot?: I will 100% let you know if anything arises for me to resign as Moderator. Additional info: Despite being 16 Years of age I believe that I am competent enough to fill a roll as Admin or Moderator. As well as this, I'm not too sure whether I would be fully suited to be a total Admin, but I am certain that I am mature enough to be Moderator, and whichever I would be applicable for is for your discretion I guess. As well, I know that I have in previous occasions been a bit of a jerk-off at times (everyone has bad days), but most people know me as a decent person (well at least I think so) and well there's not much else I can say to persuade you in thinking I'm good enough to be Mod.
  21. Game: Tf2 Doge-ball Age: My age I am 14 but I think i am a lot more mature than an average 14 year old. Times I Play: I also play 5-7 times a week. And at least 3 hours. Mic: I have to admit that I don't use my mic that often but I will use my mic if i have to and if they are not paying attention to me when I type Why Should I Be An Admin/Mod: I think that I am will be a very good admin/mod because I know most of the commands like kick, slay, ban, gag and lots more. I have also have had past experience of being an admin. I was an admin in a server that I really liked playing on like. just like how I really enjoy playing on the doge-ball server. Times I Play: I play 6 or 7 times a week. And at least 3 hours. But if i have to sacrifice a bit of my time then I will. Some Other Information: I have also read all of the admin rules and i fully understand them. Also if i decide to stop playing doge-ball i will inform Phantom-Gamers straight away. I also have full focus on the game when I am playing doge-ball so if anyone is stealing or if they are breaking any other rules I will straight away do what i have to do like gag, slay, kick, ban or any other things i need to do. Thank you for taking your time off to read my admin/mod application. I hope that you decide to make me an admin/mod. And have a great day From Bob The Builder
  22. Game / Job: TeamFortress2 / Co-Owner or Head-Admin Your age?: 15 turning 16 soon. Ingame name: GoldenSnow* Steam id: STEAM_0:0:94467601 Link to my profile: Press Here What time do you normally play?: On week-days I get on steam at 4pm-8pm and go on TF2 at 5pm-8pm but on weekends I get on TF2 at 1pm-8pm and this occurs every month and it's not going to change due to my semester break. Why should you be an admin [H-Admin or Co-Owner]?: Why should I? I was born to. I am a friendly player and a fun guy to be around with and I'll always be there to who ever needs help in the server. Their options are simply: Message me through steam (if online). Leave a comment on my profile of what they need help with and I will deal with it ASAP (if offline). Contact me through skype (Marcoflint). ​On occassions people complain/report about: Rule breakers, hackers and much more... I have all the responsibility to deal with that current problem. I will ask a few questions on what he/she did and I will use my commands to do what ever that is necessary by all means. I don't abuse my position. I don't treat other players as if their nothing but to be equal and have some fun? Ain't this all about fun? Don't take the game too seriously or you might start hurting yourselves. Do you have a mic, if so how much do you use it?: Yes I do have a mic and I use it on occasions when needed but most of the time I try to stay hidden so I can pick out some people who are being naughty Do you know the commands for admin?: Yes I do know all the commands for admin. Have You been an admin on another server before?: Yes I have been admin on other servers before (minecraft) as I first mentioned it at my first application. I am currently the [Owner] of SnowGC (Snow Gaming Community) the group is based on TF2 and CS:Go trading and give-away. Have you read and fully understood the admin rules(Link)?: Understood? I got it stuck in my head. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove your rank and allow some one else your take your spot?: Yes, by all means. Additional info: To contact me [Details] Email : marcocraft1233@gmail.com Skype: marcoflint I am a TRADER! -Thank you for reading this application HOPED you liked it. No hates love you all and have a good day <3
  23. 1. Game/Job - Dodge Ball/ Mod or Admin 2. Your Age - 15 turning 16 in June 3. In Game Name and Steam ID - http://steamcommunity.com/id/CaptainFudgeKnuckle/ - CaptainFudgeKnuckle 4. What Time do you Normally Play - Usually I'm on between 5pm to 7pm or 6pm to 8pm (Aussie Time) 5. Why should you be an Admin - I have played on this server for sometime now and it has been an extremely fun and enjoyable experience. Now I just want to help,support and make the players time on this server as enjoyable as mine. I am trustworthy, calm and try to always keep a leveled head in tense situations as I don't like hurting others feelings. Times when I'm on the Dodge Ball server I see players abusing the rules with no Mods/Admins on to stop them, and I hate seeing the players game(s) ruined because of it, and I just want to keep the server fun and enjoyable for all. That is the reason for my application. 6. Do you have a Mic? If so how often do you use it - Yes I do have a mic and I only use it when it seems necessary e.g. Explaining something, Informing someone of something or just when its needed 7. Do you know the Commands for Admin? - I have a basic idea of the admin commands but I can learn the quick and easy if need be 8. Have you been Admin on another Server before? - No, but theirs first time for everything, plus if I need help I am never shy to ask, 9. Have you read, and fully understand the Admin Rules? - I have read the Admin rule and will try to keep up to data with them if changes are made 10. If you stop Playing on Phantom-Gamers, will you inform us so we can Remove your Rank for Someone Else to take the Position? - Yes, at the very lest I will inform an admin/staff of Phantom-Gamers 11. Additional Information - I haven't post 5 times on the forums, but I'll get it do asap. -I understand the vast amounts of applications that you must receive for these positions and because of this I will be a little bit disappoint but I will understand if not chosen.
  24. Game / Job: Dodge-ball moderator My Age: 14 turning 15 (hope this isn't a problem) In-game name and STEAMID: cellar door, STEAM_0:0:47379537 What time do you normally play?: I play throughout the week, being on any time between 3 pm - 10 pm on weekdays and from 9 am - 10 pm on weekends Why should you be a moderator?: I believe I should be a moderator because I'm very wary of people breaking rules and ruining other peoples game experience. This has probably been said before but often when I'm on there are no staff on to monitor mic spammers, stealers or just plain rule breakers. I have played this dodge-ball server basically since the start (had to play dodge-ball somewhere) and I've had plenty of experience being an admin on many other different servers and know fully how to operate as one. I've also got mistaken as an admin before when a rogue admin was on slaying people (for stealing), and many people on the server assumed it was me because 'I sounded like an admin' I'm a dodge-ball veteran (played back in the Aus DB, OzG days) and I'm pretty well known around the server. Overall I think I'd be a good asset for the server by enforcing the rules and creating a better gaming atmosphere for all players. Do you have a mic, if so how much do you use it?: I have a mic and I use it frequently Do you know the commands for moderator?: I know all the essential commands for moderator (slay, kick, ban, mute, gag and all of the @ shortcuts) and will use them to ensure everyone is happy. Have you been an admin on another server before?: I have been admin/coowner on several different servers including the old Bunny Hale (co owned, built the server ground up with Acylus helping out later on)Axi Fortress (helped around with server management and had full access to everything)GhostTA (admin)Other small servers that I can't remember but due to the owners having lack of interest, they shut down.Have you read and fully understood the admin rules?: I have read over the admin rules and fully understand them. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove your rank and allow some one else your take your spot?: Yeah of course. Additional info: I have played so much TF2 I'm not even proud
  25. Game: TF2/Dodge-ball Age: Yes, I am 14, but almost everyone on the server would agree that I am much more mature then your average 14 year old, heck some people think I'm twenty Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:54426390 What Time Do I Play? On Mondays through to Fridays, I will play from roughly 2 in the afternoon, until about 8 or 9 at night. During the weekends I will play at least about 5-7 hours a day, at different points. Why should I Get Moderator? I see myself as one of the more active players on dodge-ball. It seems that the server only has 3-4 active admins, and a lot of the time, they arent on when I am. I'm a responsible player who certainly wont abuse anyone or any of the rules. Up until recently I have always wanted to run for admin or mod, but recently I have had some people message me, saying I should be an admin. So I'm running for it! Do I Have A Mic? I have a mic and I frequently use it. Commands? I know all of the basic admins commands, such as slay, kick, gag etc. Previous Experience? I do not have previous experience with being an admin or moderator, but have had access to vip on many other servers. Admin Rules? I have read, and fully understood the rules for being an admin. Alerting Phantom: If I stop playing on phantom gamers, I will let a current admin or moderator know, at the least. This is if I ever stop playing on phantom gamers. Additional Info: I have been playing on phantom gamers for about, 4 months now, during that time, I have managed to get 12 days on the server. I play at least 3 hours a day, at a pure minimum. A lot of people know me on the Phantom Gamers dodge-ball server. Often I join and almost the whole server is on my friends list. I also run a dodge-ball group, made 100% of phantom gamer dodge-baller's called focused. Please, If I have fallen short with any information in my application do send me a question and ask to clear something up. Thank you for taking the time to review my application, Mostly Grimsby