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Game: Team fortress 2


Name: Cookieninja     http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198062056195/


Your Age: 14


Why Should You Be An mod?  I would like to be a mod  so i can help out the Phatom gamers severs and let everyone have fun :D. Im a very nice kind of person and i love making people feel welcome the the phatom gamers and i have always wont to be an mod or admin on a sever to give me some more confidence in doing stuff :).


Define Becoming An Mod? Becoming a mod would come with lots of work and also very fun :D. But also making sure that everyone is also having fun 


Do you have a mic if so do you use it a lot? Yes i do like but i dont mic spam :D


Do You Know The Commands Of Mod? (e.g sm_kick)? Yes i do know some commands but i can always ask my admin/mod friends to teach me other commands 


Whats Your Policy For A Scammer? Frist i would find out what happen like who scamed and then see if it was a scam or not but if it is a scam i would talk with other admins and mods and see what they want to do 



Additional Info:Most of the time i play on the saxton hale #2 :D 









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