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Quiting TF2

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Far out this is pathetic;


"someone was rude to my fake clan on one server of a video game, that's on the internet. QUITTING GAME FOR MONTHS NOW >:C" 


Mate, go back to COD and grow up, people are going to make shit of you on the internet, especially something like a clan not to mention, they were probably joking around. Plus its quit literally the nature of phantom players to poke fun at each other,


When you grow up and learn to take a joke feel free to come back. Until then i hope you actually quit and go experience the real world, expect way more "disrespectful idiots" there.


Ima Sherk yo' anus bby (insert lenny face)  -Avix/Serkit 2014

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Lol nice logic:

DickGod: "I'm quitting tf2 for months because someone made fun of my clan wahhh"


Scarly: "Seriously grow up, this isn't cod, people get this shit all the time on phantom and you know it. We don't want children like you doing stupid stuff"


Dickgod: "Captain Capital Is Here To Say It's A Very Serious Matter, Being Disrespectful To Someone's Cod Tf2 Clan Is Deadly Serious, You COULD DIE! You're All Mean Wah Wah Wah"


Me: "Need some ice for that burn deathgod?"

Scarly: "get the fuck out captain capital"

Dickgod: "Found my balls, guess i can come back to tf2 even though i made such a big fuss over wanting to leave because of my CoD clan"


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