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Note before I start, I've read and I do understand the requirements that need to be met to apply, and I don't meet the post requirement due to majority of the topics being outdated, or inactive.


Game: Team Fortress 2


Steam Name: Neon.dB          Steam URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/xdbxdbx/


My age: 14


Application type: Admin


Why should you be an Admin?

I rarely play anything other than dodgeball, and from this I've seen a lack of Admins on the dodgeball server. The only Admins I have ever seen on the dodgeball server would be Juanerino and Beesley. I'd like to be an active admin on this server to moderate the rules that are being broken. I really enjoy my time spent on the server, and the community that comes with it.


Define being an Admin?

It's a public figure, a representation of the owner, and all the other Admins or Moderators on the server, You handle problems on the server, and follow through with consequences for other's actions. You're known by practically every regular, and hopefully welcomed.


Do you have a microphone, and if so do you use it alot?
Yes I have a microphone, and I use it majority of the time unless I have music going. ( Windows Media Player likes to pause my music whenever I use voice chat in-game. )


Do you know the commands?
Yes I do, I know more than probably some of the existing admins would know, I've owned 2 servers myself, and been admin on 5 other active trade or idle servers.


What is your policy with scammers?
when a scammer comes online, and some one's in distress due to it, I'd kindly ask them to give it back, if they refuse to I'd find their profile link, get their steam ID which would lead me to their SteamRep, I'd kindly ask them to give it back twice more over time or try and resolve the problems, if not I'd IP Ban them, due to them being unpleasant and unwanted. After all of that I'd get the person who was scammed to report him as a scammer to SteamRep aswell as anyone else who witnessed it or was involved.


Additional Info:

This whole application probably sounds really cheesy and generic, I'm not the best with writing. I'd just like to say to all the admins who don't know me, you should give me a chance, as anyone who's not from the dodgeball server wouldn't know me, I rarely enjoy or play any other game modes. I really enjoy the community from what I've seen, and It'd be my pleasure to be an Admin on such a server.

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+1 Good luck with your application! Very well written and thought out. You seem pretty good with writing out the application, and i have seen you a lot on the Dodgeball servers. You're a generally nice guy to play with and i think you'd be a great new member to the admin team. I'd like to congratulate you for taking the time and effort to write a very thought out application and for asking for advice on it. It shows that you're a good guy, who's really looking forward to helping out the server and i think that even if you don't get accepted, you'll be a very good influence on the dodgeball side of the community! Good luck Neon!

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