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tf2 admin application tyresse

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1. Game-TF2 dodgeball server


2. Steam name+steam URL - tyresse     http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053852190/


3. I am currently 14years of age.


4. why should you be admin? - I think i should be admin because i think on phantom there usually is never any admins on the server. and also i am alot of fun and also i am currently vip on the server and people are always counting on me to help them with any issues they have on the server. i think it was be pretty easy to be an admin and i wouldn't abuse my powers, i would only use my powers when people need me to. :laugh:


5. define becoming an admin. - becoming admin is a hard job to handle. being an admin means that you have to be kind, show respect and responsibility. being an admin means thats you need to help people, not abuse your powers and when people look up to you for guidence you need to be there for them and help them. :laugh:


6. do you have a mic? - yes i do have a mic, but at the moment my mic is broken, i am getting a new headset (mic) in a few days. but, i only use my mic when people ask me question or if they need help. :laugh:


7. do you know most of the admin commands? - Yes i do know most of the admin commands. i am i vip on the server atm and i am also friends with alot of admins on the server and they have told me many commands and how to use them. :laugh:


8. what is your policy with scammers? - my brother used to be a scammer, and i just felt so sad for the people he was doing it to so i have never scammed in my life and i never will. i don't tolerate any kind of scamming. if i heard someone got scammed on the server i would contact other admins and see what they would do about it. :laugh:


9. Additional info - the main reasons why i am running for admin is because i feel like there isn't enough admins on the server to protect people and help them out and keep the server going. if i became and admin i woudl be honoured. :laugh:


thankyou for your time :laugh:



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-1 To start with you use your  mic quite frequently, and from that and the way you act I can immediately tell you're not my age, you sound about 9 and act like it too. You already abuse your VIP powers, so giving you the ability to moderate the entire server would just be outright crazy, you tried to mute me ( An admin ) and you muted numerous other players with your VIP powers, for no reason at all. You use your mic quite frequently which would be an upside if you didn't sound like a 9 year old, and you didn't use it in such a foul way when you get angry. The fact that you scammed a regular on the server of 5 keys, and refused to give it back until you found out I was admin and the threat of being banned was on the table, and though we did get it back we all went through a lot of foul insults and things from you in the process. You get very angry over little pointless things on the server, for instance I asked you to stop taking other people's rockets and you continued to deny it even though I was watching you do it numerous times, and when you finally admitted to it you called me a "rude c*nt" and various other names, overall I think you're way too immature for this role.

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