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Matty's Admin app :>

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Game: Team Fortress 2


Steam Name: I go by Many name but mostly Matty          SteamURL: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035204545/


My age: 16


Why would i be a good admin:

I mainly play on the Dodge ball servers and sometimes play on the hale servers (if i in the mood), And there is lack of admins on the dodge ball server. Plus they're are alot of people breaking the rules....


Define becoming an admin:

Admin is a hard but easy job. You have to look after the server like it was your own, If something goes wrong you have to find the problem and take it into your own matter.


Do you have a mic: Yes i do. I use it all the time.


Do you know the command of admin: Yes i know nearly all the command. I've been Mod and Admin on Bunny hale. And Head-Admin on the New A-F low grav.


What is your policy with scammers:

I'm not a fan of scammers what i used to do what just perm ban them. But i'll give them a chance and ask if they return the item to the owner. If not i'll ban him and report him to Steamrep.


Additional Info:

Sorry, not really good at writing long paragraph but it would be an honor if you could give me chance. I would do my very best for the server so it gets more popular...


Cheers for your time peps <3 love lots for the one and only Matty <3

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