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Matty_Cookies Father

Accepted Matty - Mod Application

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1. Game - Job: Team Fortress 2/Saxton + Dodgeball.


2. My Age is 16


3. Ingame name and SteamID : Matty (I change my name too much.) STEAM_0:1:37469408


4. What time do i play normally, well my dad put a internet time on my computer 3.30 - 10.30... But i'll be on all day weekends. Either Tf2 or Csgo.. Depending on my mood.


5. Why should i be mod, well i dont really wanna rush shit and get admin, so i wanna start slow and start from mod and slowly get up, but i'm a respectable guy, i'm funny as people say and i make people feel comfortable and i take most shit pretty serous depending on what it is.


6. Do i have a mic, Yes i do. Use it everyday all day..


7. Do i know the commands for mod, well i was admin and got demoted to mod so yea i know pretty much all the commands..


8. Have i been Admin/mod on another server, yes i have i was the first one to be given admin on the server, then got demoted to mod for reasons i dont not know... Wasn't given an answer...


9. Have i fully understand the rules of being a admins/mod, Yes i have. Loud and clear.


10. If i quit Phantom-Games/Tf2 will i let you guys know. Yes, if offline i'll put an unbox to one of yous or post on wall.


11. Have a pleasant day my friends.


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