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Managing members and staffs on website

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This thread is a suggestion towards the rank system on Phantom. 



  • Add a rank tab next to members that says "Staffs" (so members can inform admins of any incidents on any servers by messaging them on steam or on the website).
  • Below our profile pictures when we comment on a thread you should add a logo [staff] or [Members] or even [NewB], so people know what rank they are.

That's all for tonight as that's all I could think off to improve the website and the community. 


Thank you for reading this short thread of suggestions!

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We already have this both in the servers and on the forums.


 <-- For example below my name & picture, there are a few stars and then it says "Staff"


In the servers All staff members also have, Mod, Admin, Beesley's Bitch or Co-Owner.


They have the option to hide their tag due to the fact that players constantly beg for privileges such as no-clip, r.o.f and inf ammo etc..


If you're ever in a server you can always just ask if there is an admin, and if there is, they will respond and help with any questions or complains that you have. Or you can always come straight to the forums :)

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