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MrBluuy's Admin/Mod Application



Dodgeball, Admin or Mod


I am 16 years old (23/12/1999)

Ingame Name Steam iD




I do have a mic but it isn't good at all. I would rather type I can type just as fast.

Do You Know The Commands For Admin/Mod?

Yes I have read over the commands over and over again and I will try and learn the commands off by heart.

Have You Been Admin On Another Server?

No I have not, I hope to learn from this.

Have You Read And Fully Understand The Admin Rules?

Yes I have read and understand the rules and will abide by the rules all the time.

If I Stoping Play 'Phantom-Gamers' Will I Let You Know

Yes I will let you know ASAP but I will never leave! B)

Why Should I Be Admin/Mod?

I think I should be admin because i have been in the 'Phantom-Gamers' community for more then 2 years and I have always enjoyed playing. I would love to help enforce the rules that the server puts in place to make everyones stay enjoyable. I know when and how to use all commands in the right situations. I am very active from the early mornings of the day till the late nights. My willingness to help enforce the rules encouraged me to type this application. 

When Do You Play?

Friday Afternoon - 3 hours

Weekends - 8-10 hours

Holidays - 24/7 :rolleyes:

Additional Information

I applied last year (September) and it was accepted but i forgot to click the 'notify if reply' button and I didn't realise until last week, so I have to reapply. I am aware that there are many people trying for Admin/Mod.


Thank You, Bluuy

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