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*ADMINS* Please Read

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It has come to Killers and my attention that there is a few Admins that are abusing there commands. Having said, there has actually been a group trying to rid of our admins or scare them off. This means that people are generally not happy with the server.

I will take full responsibility as i made these people admins/mods although it was not in my thought that some of them would abuse to much content. 

The commands included are:

  • Re sizing to small proportions (To annoy people)
  • Re spawning your friends/yourself consistently 
  • Giving buffs to yourself
  • Delaying (Not a command but an issue nether the less) 

To all the Admins/Moderators your rules have been set as you applied for Admin if you do not follow them you will be demoted.

To the gamers of killers servers, i urge you to take screenshots, use the 'record' command in the console to catch the corrupted admins. I alone cannot just demote people from words. More proof the better. 


Hade ~ 

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