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Hi im Spud :)

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Hello my names jack or Spud. most of you will refer to me as Spud :)

Im from Dublin Ireland born in 2001 and moved to australia when i was 7 :/

Most of you will know me as i play VSH every single day, But to those who Don't HI :D

My life is not perfect and im sure everyone elses isn't

I have my times where i feel the need to give up. But i always know that I was born for a reason. so to those who feel down always remeber "You have a purpose in everyones life, don't waste it"

My TF2 Career: my time playing TF2 has been 540 hours+ But i play everyday so it may change in the future. A quick story from me is i spent $250 AUD on the game and unboxed a ton of crates. To cut a long story short i got an unusual :DDD my very first unusual. It was a Executioner with Nutz n Boltz. i was so happy. At the time the affect was terrible so i wanted to get rid of it. I was playing this game on minecraft where you need to make money. I said in chat i was selling a TF2 unusual for money and i wanted to trade it. I was approached by a guy who wanted to buy it. he offered me a messley 100mil :/ at the time i believed it was a lot. when actually it was worth jack-shit (yeah my own shit) i was dissapointed so i asked him for it back, I had my money that he gave me but he never gave it back. He said the only way i would get it back is if i give my whole backpack ;-; which is not happening. so there's my story :P

A bit about my life: Well I'm 14, 15 in July so im Grade 9, second year of high school. i grow up around people my age and younger who smoke, have sex, and do drugs and get thrown in prison. My parents brought me up in a amazing way. I couldn't thank them enough for making me the happiest kid i am :D sadly. those kids parents either are dead, or don't give 2 shits about them. I love to study Drama in school, its my Favorite subject, i love to act, and have fun :D and make people smile or at least make sure their having a great day. I hate maths >:( we're studying Pythagoras's theorem in maths which i think is a waste of time considering i did a presentation on him for science back in grade 6. My life outside of school is good and bad but i don;t want to tell you my life's story. if you do want to know message me on steam i'll gladly tell you :D 


Well that's it from me hope you enjoyed wasting your time reading this useless stuff :) anyway G2g. A 10 year old's arguing with everyone one, even though i told him no one really cares about his parents steam account. Have an awesome day :DDD 

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