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Add New Rules to VSH Server

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Air-blasting Saxton of the end into pit constantly and not allowing him to get back up. I've seen this many times on the server and it has happened to me a few times so i was hoping we could turn it into a rule where we are not allowed to deliberately air-blast him of the edge. I find this really annoying and unfair to the player playing as Saxton and the other players as this is taking an unfair advantage. The pit does do damage, sadly i don't remember the map names on which you can do this, but hale does die eventually if his trapped in completely by pyros.

Fake AFK or Disconnecting as Hale is another thing i also see and is quite annoying, most people are aware that if you type !resetq or /resetq your points reset and you're not hale. I guess this can be seen under free pointing which is against the rules. Also when disconnecting as hale it puts the next person in queue as hale and they are made unaware until they actually play. This is unfair as the player might not want to play as saxton.

These are the main to that i would like to be put onto the server.

Ways to deal with these issue (Air-blasting): Giving the player a warning if they are caught air-blasting hale off cliff, if this continues a slay can be put in place.

"                        " (Fake AFK or Disconecting): i'm kinda going off another server rule here but, if caught fake afking (example; afk as hale then the next round your not afk) or disconnects and reconnects, i believed they should be slayed next round. I guess this measure is kinda harsh, but i find it happens alot and really is annoying as i know some people don't like playing saxton even though its a Saxton Hale Server.


Anyway tell me what you guys think of these, i believe these are quite good rules to implement onto the vsh server.

Cheers for reading :) 

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