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My bubble Gum Story....

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>Be me
>have gum with me all the time, I just like gum.
>always offer to this stacey in my math class
>"Thanks Claymin!"
>feel like a fucking chad
>have friends that are girls that talk to her regularly
>Senior prom is coming up
>ask friends if she would be ok with me asking her
>they say she doesnt really know you well enough and treats you nice because she thinks you are autistic
>Think they are fucking with me
>Make a poster, probably buy 20 of those 3 packs of different gums, the ones that have 3 packs in one big pack
>Write on poster "This might be a little bit more than I can CHEW (but big league chew there), but I was wondering if it would be JUICY (put juicy fruit there) if you went to prom with me
>said yes
>we went together, but I knew she was dreading it, told her that she should sit with her real friends. Ill be here with mine. 
>All my friends roasted me 
>She lost her virginity that night
>tried offering gum to her the following monday, she just said no like a bitch

She went to I think Griffith university, and got pregnant. Havent seen her since


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