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1. Game/Job: Dodgeball Admin

2. Age: 16

3. ING and steam id: Maxofaus - http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheMaxofaus/

4. What time I normally play: When ever I can (almost everyday).

5. Why should I be admin: Most of the time there aren't admins on to deal with stealers and mic spamming 12 year olds, so I thought since I am on most of the time I might be able to help.

6. Do I have a mic: Yes, I am a mic spamming 12 year old.

7. Do I know admin commands: Most of them.

8. Have I been a admin on another server: Yes.

9. Do I know and understand the rules: Yes.

10. If I stop playing Phantom will I tell the owner to remove my rank: Yes obviously.

11. Additional Info: I am a faggy weaboo that knows nothing about the world.

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