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New Hale Maps?

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Would it be all right to add new hale maps to the rotation? whilst removing some of the other maps that aren't played as much?

The hale maps that are played are great, but it gets very repetitive when there is the same cycle of maps : Reservoir, Military, Dust, Track, etc.

So added new maps would change the cycle and get a fresh cycle. :)

Here are some of my suggestions:

vsh_stream_platform - http://gamebanana.com/maps/162081

vsh_arktown - http://gamebanana.com/maps/191785

vsh_yammoe - http://gamebanana.com/maps/191547

vsh_citypeak_v1 - http://gamebanana.com/maps/170977

vsh_crevice_ B5 - couldn't find link

dm_warzone - http://gamebanana.com/maps/73929 (if hale can run on death match)

Or others :)

Would be great change to phantom

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 Shouldn't this be in the Team Fortress 2 or Feedback and Suggestions subforums?

Anyway, on-topic: Arktown kills framerates for some players on not-so-great hardware, even with the skybox disabled. Just a consideration.

Crevice's download link is seemingly gone, but I'm sure you can find a copy in someone's downloads folder.

VSH can technically "run" on any map (with varying degrees of success), the map prefix just has to be added to the saxton_hale_maps.cfg file. Though in the case of DM, I think you'd need to use an extension or plugin to add the arena logic entity, otherwise everyone would just keep respawning.

I can't quite remember how many maps PG has in its rotation, but I think one potential solution to the repetitiveness is increasing the number of previously played maps that are excluded in the nominations list. e.g. if there are say 30 maps, have the plugin exclude the past 23 recently played, leaving 7 to be nominated/randomly picked for voting. That's how I do it to try and force variety on my own server anyway.

Or, alternatively, just remove nominations entirely and switch to the SourceMod randomcycle system, which (as the name implies) will just randomly cycle through the maps.

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some of the maps i listed are just considerations that i thought would be a good idea, i just added arktown and yammoe for random suggestions as i have never played on them and they look interesting. The rest of the maps i have played and they run fine for me

Also adding more maps that people like will make the rotation between maps longer and have variety in the server, whilst removing some off the less played maps. The exclude plugin would be a good idea except around half the maps on PG are not great and forcing players to play on these maps will likely make them rtv as soon as they can or just leave the server until the map changes.

Just a thought to consider :)

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38 minutes ago, Frosty said:


Yammoe is a pretty sweet map, if you don't mind small-medium sized maps.

The thing is, what is "great" and what is not is extremely subjective. There will always be someone who complains about any given map (e.g. I myself find Military very annoying because Soldiers are nigh invincible with all the 100% health packs to jump to). Although yes, I will agree there are some maps of questionable quality on the PG VSH server. (At least there were the last time I played)

You can't just say "forcing them to play on these maps will likely cause blah", unless you've done some proper analysis of people's opinions on certain maps. Otherwise you're making that statement solely based on your own opinion.

In addition, if the "same cycle of maps" doesn't include the lesser played maps, how would you even know whether anyone likes them or not? If they never show up, anyone who's never seen it before won't have any opinions on it.

If you want to break the "cycle" of overplayed maps, you have to force players to play more maps before being able to rotate back to the overplayed ones. Firstly to add variety, and second to let players discover new maps they may have otherwise never played before.

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Yeah, there are maps of questionable quality (battleground, plz fix), also a fair warning dm_warzone is a great and fun map but it would be a bit too op for mantread Soldiers (as the map is very open and there lots of health packs)

There are maps that I know most players (not all) do not like due to hale not working (battleground) and maps too bright (nubula) or just generally dislike the map.

But you make a good point, I will attempt to get players to try the other maps other than the normal rotation, but its hard to get players to listen. :)



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51 minutes ago, Frosty said:

but its hard to get players to listen. :)

Thus is the necessity of forced variation.

Also, by nubula, do you mean nebula? Because that map isn't too bright at all. I can't imagine how anyone could complain about the lighting of that map.

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54 minutes ago, Frosty said:

yeah, for some reason for me and a few other players all the black sky is glitched as full white, i'll show photo later

I broke my tf2 awhile ago i don't see skyboxes anymore lmao cbf goin through folders

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