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Accepted Jack's Admin App

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Game / Job: Admin


  1. Your age?: 15


  1. Ingame name and steam id: Jack - STEAM_0:1:62782460 - http://steamcommunity.com/id/jackparris/


  1. What time do you normally play?: Schedule goes as follow:
  2. Monday 2:40PM - 10:30PM
  3. Tuesday 3:10 PM - 10:30PM
  4. Wednesday 3:10 PM - 10:30PM
  5. Thursday 3:10PM - 10:30PM
  6. Friday 3:10PM - 12AM
  7. Saturday 8AM - 12AM
  8. Sunday 8AM - 10:30PM


  1. Why should you be an admin?: I've played on this server for over a year now, I am very confident with the commands, and i can handle any situation that goes sour. I can help new players who just joined, ill welcome them to our community and give them links to the website for any further questions or discussions. Nothing will go unseen on the server if i'm on. Because to be quite honest when do i shut the fuck up.


  1. Do you have a mic, if so how much do you use it? If you are applying, you need to use it frequently and be confident on the mic: Honestly if this was a test i would get an A++ on this question


  1. Do you know the commands for admin?:  I have fully read and understood the required commands to be a responsible admin


  1. Have You been an admin on another server before?: Team fortress 2 wise no. Other games indeed i have


  1. Have you read and fully understood the admin and player rules(recently updated) (Link)?: Read them twice over to make sure i know them


  1. If you stop playing on Phantom-Gamers will you let us know so we can remove your rank and allow some one else your take your spot?: I will notify one of the owners, or if not online ill pass the message through another player


  1. Additional info: pls dont decline bronte ;-;

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+1 i believe giving jack admin would be a smart choice, i've seen him have admin on some gmod servers and they wanted to promote him because he was doing such a good job. Respectful kid Good luck bud

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