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Accepted DerpyEgg's Mod / Admin application

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Admin Application for: Saxton Hale

Phantom-Gamers .net |SaxtonHale #1 |Custom Maps |Gameme Stats

IP Address:


What days and time do you play?

I usually play after work at the times 6pm to 10/12pm or more in some occasions

Weekends, I can play mostly sometimes if im not doing anything

I can play all day during Monday and Tuesday for a bit untill my work decides to pick up their shit and give me more shifts :^)


Im mostly on tf2, so I can jump on most of the time


During in/out game name/ Steam ID


Community ID: 76561198081125754
Steam 2: STEAM_0:0:60430013
Steam 3: [U:1:120860026]


Do i have previous experience as a staff/ am I an admin on in any other servers?

I am Senior Admin on a group called Froth and Transit (It basically the equivalent to the status "Head Admin")

I have been in that community for about 1 year now, and I would like to broaden my horizons on other servers


Have i read the rules?

Yup, I understand all the concepts you guys are tryna put out, on Froth and Transit servers we also have a similar set of rules for players to oblige by and If they were to break those rules (on our servers) they would get a kick (max 2) then a ban if they were to do it continuously (For 1 day / First Ban) and so on untill it becomes a perma ban


I believe administrating/ Moderating on servers is a great way to not only pass the time but help out on a community I play a lot for.




Do you have a microphone? If so, do you use it?

I use it quite often to tell bronte to suck my dick <3


Age and Sex?
Male / 19


How will i benefit phantom-gamers if i take this position?

- I have past and current experience with server files and applications such as filezilla, Notepad ++ (for opening such files in Filezilla)

- I have an in depth knowledge to basic and adequate knowledge to harder server commands

- I have more than 4k hours on this game, so I know what I'm doing

- Am friendly / Like to have shits n giggles with people /  I'm a very down to earth guy / Very approachable

- My hats tend tend to attract ppl so it could be useful your servers :^) *aka im a rich cunt*


Is this my first admin application?

Yup, first one


If I'm quitting Phantom-gamers would i let you know?

I would, if anything bad happens to me in my current situation I would contact an admin about it, but I doubt that would happen 


Do i know any commands?

I know many commands such as all the basic commands like; /kick /ban /vote /mute /gag /teleport /silence and many more (that I can bring up at the moment) from experience from being a Senior Admin on the Froth and Transit servers

I can use other more advanced commands if needed

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+1 I met Derpy quite a few months ago on his server and he was so nice guiding me through how to play and making sure i know the rules on how to play. I reckon give him a shot he would be a amazing moderator. 

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I know this dood as a funny and trustworthy friend. Has the best deathrun server, highly recommend. I know you will do good on our server like how you deal with yours. I've heard many good feedback about you and which I'm trusting in this position I'm giving you. Accepted as admin (considering we have to many mods which i will open a moderator to admin promotion spots). Please follow and read the rules.


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