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Declined Jozzy's Mod Application

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Mod Application for: Saxton Hale

Phantom-Gamers .net |SaxtonHale #1 |Custom Maps |Gameme Stats

IP Address:


What days and time do you play?

I play anytime from 2pm-12am, This varies if i have things to do but i can be on anytime pretty much.



During in/out game name/ Steam ID

Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198129206532

During game name:Jozzy

Out game name:James 

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:84470402




Do i have previous experience as a staff/ am I an admin on in any other servers?

Yes, i was a Admin on RAWR saxton hale and then became Head Admin on rawr.

I have alot of experience with commands and with rules and will always watch out for people that abuse the rules


Have i read the rules?

Yes, i have read the rules of Phantom Saxton Hale/general rules i will also

follow all the rules to make this server a better place!



Do you have a microphone? If so, do you use it?

Yes i do have a microphone,I use my mic when it is necessary such as when

i'm giving warnings out to people and so on,but otherwise yes i do use my mic.


Age and Sex?


How will i benefit phantom-gamers if i take this position?

I would benefit phantom-gamers if i take the position of mod as i have experience

of being a staff on Rawr, i'm a kind/ friendly person and i will be strict towards rule breakers.




Is this my first Mod application?

Yes this is my first mod application, but i have applied for admin/head for

Rawr saxton hale.


If I'm quitting Phantom-gamers would i let you know?

If i quit Phantom-gamers i will let you guys know so that you guys will be aware.


Do i know any commands?

Yes, i do know most of the commands due to my head admin experences at

rawr,or i might even know all of the commands!

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